Candy Cartwright shared more evidence of her time with Matt Riddle by posting pictures of the pair

Indie wrestler Candy Cartwright brought forward more evidence of her time with Matt Riddle. This was one of the big stories during the #SpeakingOut movement that hit wrestling a while back.

Many WWE wrestlers have been called out for sexual abuse and harassment in the past. WWE has also acted swiftly in removing some British stars and also referees.

Matt Riddle picked up a huge win on SmackDown
Matt Riddle picked up a huge win on SmackDown (WWE)

Riddle is one of the top stars on SmackDown currently after moving up from NXT. He also had an MMA career and married Lisa Rennie in 2011. The couple also blessed with three children.

What is the latest evidence that Cartwright has shared?

Cartwright shared several tweets a while back accusing Riddle of sexual assault in 2018. This was prior to his time in WWE and Riddle did come out and claim he was looking at legal help regarding all this.

The WWE star claimed that she had been stalking him over the years, and many knew about this issue.

Riddle and WWE haven’t been affected much by the allegations from Cartwright. However, the female wrestler produced more evidence of her time with Riddle.

She shared a few photos of the pair together, one of them being intimate in nature. This was in response to one tweet that claimed that WWE knew about the history of Riddle and he was being stalked by Cartwright.

The picture she shared was apparently from 2019, with WWE already having signed Riddle to the company.

Another fan tweeted that Cartwright had lied in the past and wasn’t buying the picture. However, the wrestler posted another one with the pair looking into the camera:

WWE has had a lot of problems in recent weeks with the #SpeakingOut movement. However, it isn’t just this promotion that has been hit.

AEW and Impact Wrestling also have had to deal with such allegations and they have taken action.

Riddle cannot be pronounced guilty until all the details are in place. The Original Bro again featured on this week’s SmackDown, and it will be interesting to see how he and WWE deal with the latest allegations and proof.

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