What is the Recent Steam Refund Policy Update?



What’s the new Steam refund policy for 2024? Can you get a refund for pre-ordered games? Find out everything.

Steam, the video game distribution has been the best platform for PC users over the years. Plenty of Windows-exclusive games are available on the Steam site. Fans can purchase their favorite and iconic video games on the Steam platform. Some games are available at a discount, many games are free-to-play and others are available at standard prices in different editions.

The regular Steam sale offers plenty of deals and discounts for players. You can get a refund for games purchased or pre-ordered from Steam within a time limit. Be it DLC or full edition of games, Steam features a refund policy. There is a new change to the Steam refund policy for pre-ordered games. Here’s all about the new Steam refund policy update and changes.

Steam Refund Policy – Everything You Need to Know 

Steam Refund Policy
What is the Recent Steam Refund Policy Update? 2

Fans can request a refund on Steam for many reasons. One can simply request a refund if they don’t like the game. You can ask for a refund if your PC doesn’t support the game. Also, you can request a refund for purchasing the wrong game any time. You can complete the process on the official Steam website.

Players have to request a refund for Steam games within the mentioned time period. In some scenarios, you can only ask for a refund if you played the game for less than 2 or 3 hours. Refunds will be approved quickly and they will be processed to your accounts within 7 working days.

Steam Refund New Policy for Advanced Access

Players who pre-order Steam games and have exclusive access to the Advanced Access feature can request a refund as well. The Advanced Access feature allows players to explore the content through the Deluxe content before the game’s official full version release on Steam.

Once you pre-order a game with the Advanced Access feature, you can ask for a refund before the start. The playtime acquired during the Advanced Access period will also count towards the regular Steam refund period.

Steam Refund Policy 2024 – New Changes

Refunds for DLC and standard games can be requested within 14 days from the date of purchase. Also, the total duration of the playtime has to be less than 2 hours. Refunds for in-game purchases within Valve-developed games can be requested within 48 hours from the time of purchase on Steam and it will only count of the game is not played yet.

Games purchased before the release date on Steam will have the regular two-hour playtime, but the 14-day refund period will only start once the game is released. Refunds for Steam wallet funds can be requested before 14 days only if these funds are not used.


Is there any Steam Sale?

Yes, many classic games and remastered versions are available on Steam with great deals.

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