What is the cost of the Logitech controller that allegedly drove the Titanic sub? Did it survive the underwater implosion?


Explore the tragic tale of the missing submersible controlled by a $30 Logitech PC controller during its ill-fated journey to the Titanic wreckage. 

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What is the cost of the Logitech controller that allegedly drove the Titanic sub? Did it survive the underwater implosion? 2

In a daring underwater expedition to the wreckage of the Titanic, an astonishing revelation emerged when an expensive submersible went missing. Reports surfaced claiming that this state-of-the-art vessel was being controlled by none other than a humble $30 Logitech PC controller. The Logitech G F710, a game controller reminiscent of a PlayStation device, was at the helm of this remarkable adventure, sparking intrigue and disbelief.

The submersible, operated by OceanGate Expeditions, had ventured an impressive 12,500 feet below the ocean surface when it mysteriously vanished. Prior to its departure, the CEO of OceanGate, Stockton Rush, boldly confessed, “We run the whole thing with this game controller,” highlighting the pivotal role this affordable device played in the submersible’s operation. While some questioned the reliability of a video game controller in such a critical endeavor, the remarkable feat achieved by this seemingly ordinary gadget proved to be a testament to its capabilities.

Steve Wright, an associate professor of aerospace engineering, shared his thoughts on the matter, acknowledging that while a video game controller may lack the robustness of a traditional joystick controller used in submarines, it still possesses a considerable range of functionalities. He suggested that a genuine submersible controller would be expected to have a reliability approximately one thousand times greater than that of a gaming handset, emphasizing the unique demands of deep-sea exploration.

Titanic submersible: Use of video game controllers in unconventional domains

The implications of this revelation extend beyond the Titanic expedition. The use of video game controllers in unconventional domains has become increasingly prevalent. The United States Navy, for instance, introduced an Xbox controller for maneuvering photonics masts on their attack submarines, streamlining operations with a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to traditional joysticks. Similarly, bomb technicians and even the U.S. Army have embraced gaming controllers as standard equipment, further exemplifying their versatility and accessibility.

While questions remain as to the fate of the missing submersible and the exact specifications of the controller used, the story of the $30 Logitech controller’s involvement in the Titanic expedition has captured the imagination of the public.

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