What is Stone Cold’s beer called?


Stone Cold Steve Austin returned at WrestleMania 38 and created a beer bash in the end – so what is the name of Stone Cold’s beer?

Night One of the WWE WrestleMania 38 ended with a beer fest from the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin. The official name of the drink is Broken Skull IPA. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin Has a New Beer Out | Dallas Observer
Stone Cold Steve Austin Beer (Dallas Observer)

Austin teamed up with El Segundo Brewing Company to create something called “one badass beer”. For those wondering what it tastes like, it got the approval of none other than Stone Cold himself after the release.

This drink was made for the “Workingman and woman,” The glass made its debut on November 13. Steve Austin is one of the most essential superstars who took the WWE out of the Monday Night Wars. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to the ring after nearly 2 decards for a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania 38. 

The KO Show featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin headlined night one of WrestleMania 38. When Kevin Owens arrived in the ring, he said he came for a fight and not to talk. Instead, Austin came with a thunderous entry with his AT. He agreed to a NO holds Barred match with KO.

The Texas Rattlesnake made sure that he would make his probable last match a memorable one. As he put up a great fight to KO and even took some kicks, a stunner and a suplex on the concrete floor. The match went into the crowds as well. In the end, Stone Cold won the game with a thumping Stunner, and the beer fest started.

Austin later called Byron Saxton into the ring for a toast and shared a beer with him, but as we all know, Stone Cold dropped him with the Stunner. The Beer Bast went on for several minutes inside AT&T Stadium before WrestleMania went off the air.

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