What is John Pork is calling? What is this meme that took TikTok by storm?


Memes have been a staple of the internet for years, constantly changing and entertaining us. TikTok has given new life to old memes and birthed new ones, including the popular John Pork trend.

What is John Pork calling about? What exactly is this viral TikTok meme?

What is John Pork calling?

The “John Pork is calling” meme format is currently one of the most popular on TikTok. It involves people receiving calls from a character named John Pork, often accompanied by pig-related jokes or silly dances. The videos have received hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views and likes.

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What is John Pork is calling? What is this meme that took TikTok by storm? 4

The trend has become so popular that a template has been created for users to make their own skits. Some TikTok accounts are claiming to be the real John Pork, but the actual guy is surprised by the attention and has gained thousands of followers on Instagram. The popularity of this meme highlights how social media can revive old trends and make new ones overnight.

The meme “John Pork is calling” has become viral on TikTok, almost six years after the character’s creation. Initially, the pig-man appeared on Instagram in 2018 under the name @/john.pork, and his true identity is still unknown. According to Know Your Meme, he is a virtual influencer with a pig’s head and a human body.

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John Pork

Numerous TikTok accounts have identified themselves as “the real John Pork,” causing the original JP on Instagram to be taken aback by all the new attention he’s receiving. He recently revealed on Instagram that his follower count has increased by several thousand due to his popularity on TikTok. Despite not having a TikTok account, John is grateful for the exposure and may create an account soon to further enhance his internet notoriety.

In 2018, he gained popularity due to his unique appearance, sharing selfies and videos on Instagram. Recently, the meme gained renewed attention, and many TikTokers shared videos of themselves receiving calls from the pig-man. The viral phenomenon sparked rumours of the pig man’s death, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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