What happened to Marcos Rogerio Lima teeth? A look into how things unfolded after devastating KO loss


Marcos Rogerio Lima teeth: All you should know about what happened to Marcos Rogerio Lima’s teeth is to take a look into how things unfolded after the devastating KO loss. 

UFC star Marcos Rogerio Lima revealed how he has a set of loose teeth and is facing problems when it comes to performing normal activities due to the flying knee KO.

In August 2023, the MMA star was brutally hurt at UFC 291 in Salt Lake City. Derrick Lewis made a comeback in the game, while Marcos Rogerio Lima had to bear the brunt of the flying knee KO.

He has stated that he is not able to eat properly and is struggling to get back to work.

Here is everything you should know about the UFC star’s loose teeth and learn all about how things unfolded after the devastating fight. 

What happened to Marcos Rogerio Lima teeth
What happened to Marcos Rogerio Lima teeth? (via ESPN)

What happened to Marcos Rogerio Lima teeth?

In an interview with SuperLutas in 2023, he mentioned how he lost the fight and had to face so many disturbing messages from fans.

He stated that not only did he lose the fight, but he also did not receive support from fans. Marcos Rogerio Lima said that he was having a hard time, and his people did not support him.

He stated that he was not able to eat at all and was struggling, and he stated that people from his country and his fans should support him instead of sending him emails and demotivating him.

The UFC’s knockout king has had a set of 14 knockouts during his career. Lima mentioned that he wasn’t expecting the KO, but the Superman punch.

He went on to describe how painful that experience was. He stated that because of the kick, his teeth have become loose and he cannot eat or perform these tasks properly. 

Conclusion – Marcos Rogerio Lima teeth

Marcos Rogerio Lima teeth: There were fans who mentioned that the kick would have been brutal on him, and they stated that he weighed around 270 pounds and called his opponent Derrick Lewis. Marcos Rogerio Limas had suffered such a brutal blow to the kick that he had been facing for quite a long time, but he has been working on perfecting his art to make a comeback. 

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