WWE will hold the first Firefly Inferno match at TLC 2020 as it features Randy Orton and The Fiend

The rivalry between Randy Orton and The Fiend will reach another level as the pair meet at TLC 2020 in a Firefly Inferno match.

This would be the first time such a match takes place in WWE and there is a heated rivalry between the two stars as it is.

Randy Orton set fire to The Fiend
Randy Orton set Bray Wyatt on fire (WWE)

Orton and The Fiend have been at loggerheads in recent weeks with The Fiend costing Orton a shot at the WWE title.

Orton, for his part, has found The Fiend’s weakness as he baited him with Alexa Bliss. The pair also have a long history with Orton being part of the Wyatt family.

This was Bray Wyatt’s previous avatar and Orton back-stabbed him by burning down the Wyatt compound.

That is something that Wyatt hasn’t forgotten and has highlighted that in recent weeks. TLC is one of the most gruesome WWE specials and this match could be difficult to watch.

However, there are several things that could happen in this match.

What could the first Firefly Inferno match be?

A normal Inferno match is one of the most dangerous kinds of matches in wrestling history. The ring ropes are set on fire and the only way to win it is to set your opponent ablaze too.

Kane has, unsurprisingly, featured in almost every single one of those and the WWE has seen just a handful of matches in the history of the company.

A normal Inferno match has taken place a few times but the addition of The Fiend makes things interesting.

The Firefly Fun House match was an example of a cinematic match which took place between The Fiend and John Cena at WrestleMania.

Similarly, Undertaker also had a cinematic match against AJ Styles, which was the last match of his career too.

WWE could follow that kind of route and play out a cinematic match away from the TLC 2020 location.

There could be more shenanigans thanks to the puppets that Wyatt has on his Firefly Fun House shows, and they could play a role in this too.

Winning such a match needs one star to set fire to the other, something that Orton did to Wyatt on Raw. However, The Fiend doesn’t seem to be affected by this and came out of the box unscathed and choked Orton out.

This should be interesting at TLC, especially with Orton and Wyatt having a lot of history.

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