Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio will meet in an ‘eye for an eye’ match at Extreme Rules: The Horror Show

Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens teamed up on this week’s WWE Raw as the pair took on Seth Rollins and Murphy.

There was a lot riding on this match with the winning team deciding the stipulation for an Extreme Rules match.

Rey Mysterio's eye was injured by Seth Rollins but will face him in an eye for an eye match
Rey Mysterio’s eye was injured by Seth Rollins (WWE)

Rollins and Mysterio have been in a war over recent weeks, and it was Mysterio’s team that picked up the win.

The stipulation chosen by Mysterio was an ‘Eye for an eye’. WWE has never seen such a stipulation for a match and although not much was said about what it could be, there are rumblings that it does involve an eye.

A brutal affair at Extreme Rules

Rollins had attacked Mysterio a while back and injured his eye on the steel steps. The Monday Night Messiah also attacked Mysterio’s son, Dominik, on this week’s Raw. The pair faced up outside the ring and Rollins raked Dominik’s eyes.

Dominik is also part of the story in all this and took revenge on Rollins a few weeks back. This is being done in hopes of seeing the younger Mysterio make his proper in-ring debut soon, but the first order of business has to be Extreme Rules.

Dominik Mysterio attacked Seth Rollins
Dominik Mysterio attacked Seth Rollins (WWE)

Dave Meltzer reported that WWE’s plan for this match actually was taking out your opponent’s eye.

It is Extreme Rules and there will be a lot of gruesome matches on the card. However. Taking out an opponent’s eye is unlikely to take place in WWE these days. Not only is this torture and well, WWE is a PG show, so there has to be a caveat in all this.

The ending of this match could be scrapping the eyeball of the opponent onto the steel steps or another location.

The other way to win this match could be that the opponent has to be blinded. This could open up all sorts of ways to end the match as the poison mist is one way to ensure that, while raking the eyes until the opponent cannot see is possible too.

Seth Rollins came out to discuss Rey Mysterio's retirement
Seth Rollins came out to retire Rey Mysterio (WWE)

This would allow more control for WWE and the wrestlers. Importantly, it would also ensure the safety of the performers, which has to be the most important thing in any wrestling match.

Rollins vs Mysterio does have a lot revolving around it, and it will be interesting to see how this match goes.

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