What are the blue ribbons at the Oscars? Why are stars wearing them at the event?


The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, is an annual awards ceremony that recognizes excellence in the film industry. It is one of the most prestigious awards shows in the world and celebrates achievements in categories such as Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor/Actress.

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The blue ribbon

The Oscars

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is an annual awards ceremony that honours excellence in the film industry. It is one of the most prestigious and widely watched awards ceremonies in the world, attracting millions of viewers each year.

The Oscars are presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a professional organization composed of over 9,000 members from the film industry. The awards are given in various categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay, among others.

The Oscars ceremony is a highly anticipated event, with stars and celebrities walking down the red carpet in their most glamorous attire. The show features live performances, musical numbers, and comedic skits, all designed to entertain and engage the audience.

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Winning an Oscar is considered the pinnacle of achievement in the film industry, and nominees and winners are recognized as the best in their field. Winning an Oscar can lead to increased recognition, higher pay, and more opportunities in the film industry.

The Oscars have also been the subject of controversy over the years, with some critics questioning the lack of diversity among nominees and winners. In recent years, the Academy has taken steps to address these concerns, including increasing the diversity of its membership and expanding the number of nominees in certain categories.

Overall, the Oscars are a celebration of the best in the film industry, showcasing the creativity and talent of filmmakers, actors, and other industry professionals. It is a testament to the power of cinema and its ability to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.

Why Blue Ribbon?

The #WithRefugees campaign by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is being supported by celebrities attending the Oscars, who are wearing blue ribbons. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness about the plight of refugees and asylum seekers around the world and to call for international support for those who have been forced to flee their homes. The ribbons, which were made by the Knotty Tie Co. in Colorado, symbolize the right of every individual to seek safety, regardless of their background or origin.

Notable figures such as Cate Blanchett, Dolly De Leon, Santiago Mitre, and Edward Berger have expressed their support for the campaign. Some of this year’s award-nominated films, including A House Made of Splinters, which tells the story of an orphanage in Eastern Ukraine, share common themes of trauma, loss, and displacement. UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Yusra Mardini, who fled her home during the Syrian civil war and whose story is depicted in the BAFTA-nominated Netflix film The Swimmers, is also supporting the campaign.

The need for global support for refugees and asylum seekers is urgent, with over 103 million people forcibly displaced and in need of assistance. By wearing blue ribbons at the Oscars, celebrities are sending a powerful message in support of the #WithRefugees campaign, and highlighting the intersection between film and activism in promoting the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

Celebrity about blue ribbon

Throughout the awards season, Cate Blanchett, an Australian actress and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, has been wearing a blue ribbon to demonstrate her support for the world’s refugees. She shared a heartfelt statement about her experiences meeting refugees in different parts of the world, highlighting the similarities they share with non-refugees rather than their differences.

Blanchett is encouraging more people to stand in solidarity with refugees and support their cause. Additionally, she has been nominated for Best Actress for her role in the film Tár and spoke about the power of film to uncover universal human themes and connect people from diverse backgrounds.

Earlier at the BAFTAs, celebrities like Colin Farrell, Paul Mescal, Bill Nighy and more, were seen wearing the blue ribbon.

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Jamie Lee Curtis

Also, Jamie Lee Curtis wore it in the BAFTAs and said, “My friend Cate Blanchett is asking people to remind us all in the midst of all the season of shiny things that, of course, there are terrible refugee crises going on all over the world everywhere all at once, and we need to do our part,” 

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