Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Omen in Valorant



Is Omen the best controller in Valorant? How to dominate ranked matches with Omen Valorant? Scroll down and find.

Valorant is an intense shooter game. A unique multiplayer game where 5 players attack and 5 players defend their bases. Players play as Agents from different countries and join with other agents on maps. You can use weapons, customize crosshairs and unleash your skills in battles. Valorant has unique gameplay mechanics and mastering the Clutch term becomes easier with the best strategies.

In every new Valorant Act and Chapter, a new agent will be unleashed. An Agent has different roles like controller, attacker, sentinel, duel and defender. Valorant has plenty of game modes and you can utilize the strongest agents to dominate the competitive mode. Omen, the 3rd Agent from Valorant, plays as a controller. He’s also hailed as a top-tier controller with some powerful skills. Here are some tips and tricks to dominate the competitive league with Omen Valorant.

Omen Valorant – Guide & Tips

Omen belongs to the Radiant Race and is given the codename as Wraith. Omen has radiant powers that let him traverse across areas, teleport to zones and stalk on enemies. Here are some tips to play Omen Valorant battles,

Omen Valorant
Weird Tips and Tricks to Climb Ranks with Omen in Valorant 2
  • Use the Shadow Ability on priority to teleport to the destination quickly. With this ability, Omen can quickly reach a place and avoid getting trapped in enemy’s bases
  • Controllers like Omen can negate traps like Spikes easily. Omen with his radiant skills can overcome the spike bomb and deceive enemies. Overcoming spikes is tricky in some game modes and omen is the best agent for this 
  • The Dark Cover skill of Omen allows the agent to throw orbs and block the vision of enemies. Controllers can easily block areas of targets and gain an advantage 
  • Omen with the Dark Cover ability can spot enemies in 3D view and also throw smoke bombs in the air
  • Use the Paranoia skill in a clutch situation. The Paranoia allows Omen to stop vision of enemies in long range and this ability also pierces through walls
  • Omen is a master in turning the game. A tactical controller who can control the situation and block enemies with his skills. Though he’s a controller, you can use him as an attacker for some game modes
  • Play Omen with the best Initiator and Sentinels to gain a massive advantage

The playing style of Omen is different from other Valorant agents. Omen being the top-rated Controller can be your game changer. You have to use his skills correctly to increase your ranks in Valorant. Also, you have to fix the competitive queue bug to play Valorant ranked matches.


Is Omen Valorant the Strongest Agent?

Omen is a powerful controller with radiance powers. He can control enemies and block their vision from a long distance.

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