(Watch) Rafael Nadal takes part in wacky Hit it Challenge from Kia Motors with Niro EV


Rafael Nadal is one of the favourites for the Australian Open and took part in the funny Hit it Challenge from Kia Motors

Spanish star Rafael Nadal is one of the favourites for the Australian Open but decided to have some fun with the Kia Motors Hit it Challenge.

The 19-time Grand Slam champion sat down to see what some of the fans had come up with. They shared videos of some wacky Tennis shots which Nadal laughed at.

One saw some fans playing Tennis with pans while another saw a fan being hit on the head too.

Rafael Nadal Kia Motors Hit it challenge
Rafael Nadal is one of the most talented Tennis players in the world (Image credit: Getty)

Another clip saw a pair of fans rallying a ball through the windows of a car, and that was something that caught Nadal’s attention.

The first part of the challenge saw a Kia Niro EV line up with its rear windows down. Nadal had to smash a ball directly through the car and onto a target on the other side.

The former Australian Open champion didn’t get it in the first two chances but got it spot on in the next chance.

Things got a little tougher in the second round as the vehicle was moving and Nadal needed to hit a still target.

The Spaniard missed his first two attempts but got it right in the next instance. Nadal is one of the most talented players in the world and Kia decided to ramp it up a bit.

The final challenge saw another car brought into the game. Nadal had to pass the ball through two vehicles, and he hit the target at the first instance.


Nadal looking to continue great run of form

All fun and games aside, Nadal is still one of the best in the world despite being 33. The Spaniard won two Grand Slam titles last year and reached the final of the Australian Open.

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Going one better will be his target this year, and it will be interesting how he does against Hugo Dellien in the first round tomorrow.

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