(Watch) Rafael Nadal continues hilarious Kia Motors Hit it Challenge featuring elevator


Rafael Nadal continued with the Kia Motors Hit it Challenge and managed to smash someone too

The Australian Open is in full swing and Rafael Nadal seems to be in a great mood given his antics during the Kia Motors Hit it Challenge.

The 33-year-old already took part in one such challenge by sending a ball through two cars, and he was ready for another test.

For those not in the know, several fans posted wacky clips of them playing Tennis. Those were shown to Nadal and the 19-time Grand Slam champion decided to try some of them.

Rafael Nadal Kia Motors hit it challenge
Rafael Nadal is one of the favourites for the 2020 Australian Open (Image credit: Getty)

In the second video from the series, Nadal watched some fans hit a fan or a bowl, which the legend claimed was easy.

His task, however, was more difficult as the Spaniard needed to hit the button of an elevator.

The first two shots didn’t connect but the third one literally hit the button and the doors of the elevator opened up.

Of course, things were never going to be that easy for the 33-year-old and the next level made things interesting.

Rafael Nadal Kia Motors Hit it challenge
Rafael Nadal is one of the most talented Tennis players in the world (Image credit: Getty)

The Spaniard had to hit the ball in between the legs of his assistant and then the button of the elevator.

This was primed for a hilarious segment and the assistant was hit thrice with Nadal enjoying every bit of it.

The fourth attempt saw the Spaniard hit the target and his assistant was also a little relieved. Nadal wanted some of his fans to try it out too before the final shot saw him hit the ball into a closing elevator.


Nadal’s resurgence

The 19-time Grand Slam champion had a couple of tough years due to injuries in 2015 and 2016. However, he has worked on his fitness and picked up five Grand Slam titles from 2017.

Nadal was in the form of his life last year as he won two Grand Slams, reached the final of the Australian Open and the semi-final of Wimbledon.

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The 33-year-old might not be the youngest player in the circuit, but he looks to be in great shape, which will be ominous for the others in his side of the draw.

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