Fabio Fognini was involved in a rather ugly altercation with Aljaz Bedene during their clash in the first round of the Hamburg Open.

Many tennis stars have already begun competing in other events to get ranking points before the US Open, as Wimbledon did not provide any, soon after the Wimbledon Championships drew to a close. The Hamburg European Open is currently being played in Germany by a number of elite athletes, including Carlos Alcaraz, Andrey Rublev, and others. Today’s first-round game included a strange incident involving Slovenian Aljaz Bedene and Italian player Fabio Fognini.

During their encounter in the opening round of the current Hamburg European Open  Tuesday, Fabio Fognini and Alja Bedene grew heated. The two can be seen in the video engaging in a contentious debate that lasts for more than two minutes. Following the game, both players engaged in an over-the-line call.

Both players were on the verge of exchanging blows when French chair umpire Aurelie Tourte stepped in to break up the altercation. After the match, while the two were executing the ceremonial handshake at the net, Fognini was not happy with Bedene.

According to what was heard in the video, the Slovenian player was not pleased with the Italian. “You do this every time we play,” he said.

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On the tennis circuit, Fognini is renowned for his outbursts. At the 2017 US Open, the Italian was defaulted for using profane language with the chair umpire. Fognini received a severe fine in addition to being disqualified from his doubles match at the New York Major.

Fabio Fognini, meanwhile, defeated Bedene in the round of 32 by scores of 6-3, 3-6, and 7-6 (5) to advance to the next round. Fognini, who had won the Hamburg Open in 2013, achieved his 400th career victory with this triumph. The second round of the Hamburg Open will feature the 35-year-old Italian taking against Russia’s seventh seed Karen Khachanov.

The 61st-ranked player in the ATP rankings, Fabio Fognini, had previously beaten Alja Bedene with his wood. While Bedene has only earned one win over Fognini, the Italian has defeated him ten times.

Fans react to Fognini-Bedene spat

On Twitter, one wrote, ‘’Lol dude it was insane. Never seen it. They were arguing a mark in the tie break. Bedene swore it was in and then went on to say every time he plays Fabio there’s drama’’ while another added, ’The guy is 1-9 against Fognini too must hate facing him’’ A third commented, “Fognini should just retire. He’s been tanking most of the season playing just for the R1/R2 fees and trying to make headlines.’’

Here are a few more reactions to the incident:


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