(Watch) Bo Nickal brutally knocks out UFC debutant Val Woodburn in under a minute at UFC 290



Bo Nickal continued his undefeated start to his UFC career with a crazy knockout of Val Woodburn at UFC 290

UFC 290 already had some big finishes on the prelim cards and Bo Nickel continued that in the first fight of the main card.

The 27-year-old took on Val Woodburn, who was added to the card just a few days earlier. Nickal was to fight Tresean Gore initially, however, Gore pulled out just days before the event. Woodburn, who was also undefeated, took up the challenge but he was no match for the rising UFC star. 

Val Woodburn at UFC 290
Bo Nickal knocks down Val Woodburn (Credit UFC Twitter)

There were already three sub-minute finishes on the previous cards, and Nickal added one more to it. The fight started with both stars trying to land huge haymakers, and it was Nickal who connected the best.

Woodburn was left dazed after one hit and three others sent him crashing to the canvas. Nickal didn’t go in for the kill, but the referee was there to stop the fight in 38 seconds.

Bo Nickal wants to be a good husband 

Nickal was seen celebrating a bit with Donald Trump after the fight. He also had some important things to say after his clash when being interviewed with Joe Rogan.

The 27-year-old broke the news that his wife, Maddie, was pregnant. He also added that he wanted to be a good husband and expected others to follow suit.

Nickal has a great wrestling record from his days in college, but he seems to be a rounded fighter since breaking into the UFC.

The 27-year-old is now 5-0 in his career and has four finishes. Three of those finishes have been submissions and he now has two KOs.

Granted, Woodburn might have been a last-second replacement for Nickal, but the 27-year-old did a great job in beating his rival, and it will be interesting to see what is next for him. 

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