Was Ex-NBA star Cedric Ceballos vaccinated as scary details emerge?


Was Cedric Ceballos vaccinated is the question to ask after he shares details about his battle with covid

Ex-NBA star Cedric Ceballos revealed that he had been in ICU for the past 10 days on September 7th. He revealed that he had been battling Covid-19 but the question arises was he vaccinated? This is what he had to say:

On 13th he revealed that he was finally covid free and gave us further updates:

“Hello family and friends, giving a UPDATE on my health situation….. I am COVID-19 free, thank you so very much for your prayers and well wishes to help me with that. I still CAN NOT breathe, walk or function on my own yet…”

“… so PLEASE no phone calls, it’s to much work and hard to understand me). I am out of isolation, due to not having covid, but still in ICU, I will still fight and I ask for uplifting on your end.”

“Continue to be nice to one another and I pray we will talk soon.”

Even after recovering from covid Ceballos is still suffering and unable to breathe as revealed by him. And many people have been asking was Cedric Ceballos vaccinated? There have been no reports of whether he was vaccinated or not. If he was vaccinated then it is a big cause for concern for all the people as it goes to show that vaccines can also prove ineffective.

It is just another lesson for people to take the virus seriously and that you never know how serious it might get. Ceballos will hopefully recover soon and get back to his routine life.

Cedric Ceballos NBA career

Ceballos was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in 1990 as their second round pick. In his NBA career that lasted 11 years he averaged 14.3 Points Per Game, 5.3 Rebounds Per Game and 1.3 Assists Per Game.

Ceballos was a key member of the Phoenix Suns team that went on to face the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals led by the mighty Michael Jordan who was aiming repeat the three-peat second time. Ceballos however was not able to take part in the finals series as he was ruled out because of an injury. The Suns would go on to lose the final eventually to the Chicago Bulls.

Former NBA player Cedric Ceballos hospitalized with COVID 19 asks for
Cedric Ceballos at Miami Heat (CBS)

His best season was under Lakers where he averaged 21 Points Per Game and 8 Rebounds Per Game. It was Ceballos’ first season with the Lakers in 1994 and he managed to get his first and only NBA All Star entry. During his 11 years in NBA he spent time his Phoenix Suns, La Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons and also Miami Heat.

His career highlight was when he won the 1992 NBA Slam Sunk Contest. Ceballos won it by scoring a perfect score for making a two handed blindfolded dunk. His NBA career ended in 2001 after which he started playing for smaller leagues around the world.

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