War Thunder Update: Separate Battle Ratings for Modes Arrive Today!



The new War Thunder update is out. Battle ratings for aviation have been revealed. Find out everything.

War Thunder is a vehicular combat game from Gaijin Entertainment. In this action game, you can pick heavy vehicles and tanks that were used in World War I and II and fight against forces on land, air, and sea. The arcade, realistic, and simulator game modes have been the best in War Thunder. Players can pick aviation, ground, and fleet vehicles and kickstart their campaign against other nations.

Aviation battles focus on wars between aircraft and helicopters. You can throw bombs, use skills and attack enemies while on air. Also, other game modes focus on battles between different vehicles. With regular updates, there will be plenty of changes in War Thunder. The Summer Update has arrived and the makers have focused on Battle Ratings for different game modes. Here’s all about War Thunder update 2024, battle ratings and more. 

War Thunder Update – Everything You Need to Know

War Thunder update
War Thunder update

The Roadmap for War Thunder 2024 update is announced. All changes including the Battle Ratings for different game modes have been implemented. Be it ground, air, or sea battles, the ratings will be entirely different. In Aircraft battles, ratings will be based on performances.

The makers have also added the table of Battle Ratings for the Aviation mode featuring all aircraft vehicles. Harrier GR.7 and Buccaneer S.2B have increased battle ratings. Aircrafts like Netz, Tornado IDS and F-4F have decreased battle ratings for ground battles.

As of now, makers have introduced the battle ratings only for top-ranked Aircraft in the game. Based on performances, more vehicles in War Thunder will receive new battle ratings through the following updates. With the roadmap announced, more updates from the makers of War Thunder will be out in the upcoming days.

With Battle Ratings, the matchmaking in War Thunder is easily done. Battle Ratings are values given to all types of vehicles in the game. With the latest update, Aircraft battle ratings have been updated and you can find opponents who have the same skills as yours. 

Increase Rank with Multiplayer

Playing in the War Thunder multiplayer mode helps you increase ranks and you can dominate all custom missions during the event. War Thunder is an intense vehicular combat and you can use vehicles from all countries and engage in battles against every nation.

That’s everything you need to know about the new War Thunder update. War Thunder Season 15 is live with plenty of content and new quests. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


Is War Thunder Available on Steam?

Yes, War Thunder is available on steam and PC users can directly download the game through steam. War Thunder is also available for Android, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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