Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Unveiled: New Characters, New Battles, and an Epic Journey Beyond the North!


Vikings Valhalla returns for season 2 in between 2023 to 2024! In eight episodes, our heroes find themselves broken after Kattegat has been conquered; Sam Corlett reprises his role as Leif Erikson and Leo Suter takes on Harald Sigurdsson roles respectively.

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Vikings Valhalla

Sofya Lebedeva stars as Elena, the tenacious daughter of a Kyivan Rus noble. Marcin Dorocinski – known for his roles in Mosul and Murder on the Orient Express – takes on Yaroslav the Wise as her foil.


Vikings Valhalla was one of the biggest surprises of 2017, debuting with an explosive and rich tale about the dying days of the Viking Age. Both critics and viewers enjoyed it immensely; and its second season seems set to maintain this momentum.

Filming of Vikings Valhalla Season Two began early 2021 and concluded by November of that year, according to series creator Jeb Stuart. As per Jeb Stuart’s estimate, production is now in its editing stage with anticipated air date set for January 12, 2023.

TitleVikings Valhalla Season 2
CastSam Corlett (Leif Erikson), Leo Suter (Harald Sigurdsson), Sofya Lebedeva (Elena), Marcin Dorocinski (Yaroslav the Wise), and more. Florian Munteanu joins as George Maniakes.
PlotSeason 2 continues the story with bloodshed and betrayal. Focus on expanding the Viking’s worldview and interactions with other European peoples.
Release DateExpected release between 2023-2024.
RatingsSeason 1 was a hit on Netflix, with 80 million hours watched within the first two days. Production for Season 3 has started.

At least some of the main cast members from Season 1 are expected to return for Season 2, including Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson, Frida Gustavsson as Freydis Eiriksdottir and Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson; Johannes Haukur Johannesson may appear again as Jarl Olaf Haraldsson who caused a tragic death at the conclusion of Season 1. Additionally, Laura Berlin as Queen Emma of Normandy; David Oakes as King Canute; Soren Pilmark as Sweyn Forkbeard make appearances.

New actors may join the cast. According to Deadline in May 2022, Florian Munteanu from Creed 2 signed on for a recurring role as George Maniakes – an 11th century Byzantine Empire general who lived under Emperor Leo VI of Constantinople.


Vikings Valhalla continues where its first season ended, with plenty of bloodshed and betrayal. Although many characters died in the finale episode, most major characters from previous seasons are expected to return – such as Sam Corlett as Leif Erikson, Frida Gustavsson playing Freydis Eiriksdottir, Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson, as well as Bradley James of Merlin fame joining as Lord Harekr.

Sofya Lebedeva will play Eleana, daughter of a noble Kyivan Rus person. Marcin Dorocinski from Queen’s Gambit will reprise his role as Yaroslav the Wise a warrior ruler from Kyivan Rus.

Digital Spy has reported that creator Jeb Stuart plans on expanding the Vikings’ worldview by exploring their interactions with people from other parts of Europe as well as exploring distant lands.

Story-wise, the initial episode will see Forkbeard invade Kattegat and Olaf’s bid for the throne called into question by Forkbeard himself. Soren Pilmark, Bradley Freegard, Laura Berlin as Emma of Normandy and The Walking Dead Pollyanna McIntosh all likely reprise their respective roles before going back into production as King Forkbeard or Queen AElfgifu respectively.

Release Date

Vikings Valhalla is an original series on Netflix which follows Leif Eriksson and Freydis Eriksdotter as they embark upon adventures throughout history and battles that shape it. It chronicles their adventures while chronicling events which changed it.

MGM Productions and creator Michael Hirst are currently filming season two of this show, scheduled for release some time between 2023-2024. Season one received positive reviews from critics.

According to the show’s website, Netflix now offers the first season of “Harald and Freydis: Interfaith Romance and Leif Unlocks the God’s Secrets”. This season is an extension of previous episodes in the series and introduces new characters and storylines that build upon each episode’s stories – with Harald falling for Freydis through interfaith romance, while Leif discovers their mysteries.

The second season will also introduce several new characters. Goran Visnjic of TV show The Boys fame has been cast as Erik the Red, an ancient Norse explorer. Other cast members include Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson Bradley Freegard Laura Berlin and Pollyanna McIntosh.

Jeb Stuart, the showrunner of the spin-off, has confirmed that he intends to extend the show beyond its third season. According to Stuart’s “grand plan” for it, this could extend for as many as six seasons total.


Valhalla was an instantaneous hit on Netflix. Within its first two days on streaming platforms alone, viewers watched over 80 million hours. Production for season three has already started and should air by 2024.

Sam Corlett will return as Leif Eriksson and Frida Gustavsson is set to play his sister Freydis Eiriksdottir; Leo Suter returns as Nordic prince Harald Sigurdsson; Johannes Haukur Johannesson will reprise his role as power-hungry Olaf; while Laura Berlin appears as King Emma of Normandy and Soren Pilmark plays Sweyn Forkbeard while Bradley Freegard returns as Canute – among many more familiar faces from Season 1.

New characters will also be introduced in Season 2, such as an assortment of lords, astronomers and con men. According to showrunner Jeb Stuart’s comments in an interview with Newsweek, Vikings will venture outside Scandinavia and Northern Europe for future voyages.

Valhalla producers have made it abundantly clear that they want to give fans more of what they loved from the original series, and are clearly on track. Season one was an exhilarating journey; season two should follow suit.


With a stellar cast and an expanding storyline, Vikings Valhalla Season 2 promises to deliver more of the action, intrigue, and historical adventure that fans have come to love, making it a must-watch movie! The exact date is not given but it is decided to air within 2024.