Valorant Spray Patterns – This Spray Pattern Trick Will Make You a Headshot Machine!



Do you want to master Valorant spray patterns for the best weapons? Find out everything about spray control and recoil.

Valorant, the 5v5 shooter game, has tons of missions. With game modes like Swiftplay, Pant and Competitive, Valorant has been the best tactical shooter game to play with friends. To dominate the meta in Valorant, you have to master key gameplay techniques and features. With weapons and explosives, you can hide and launch attacks.

Be it long-range weapons or melee, Valorant players have to utilize scope and spray patterns to get the best shot. By using spray patterns from weapons, you can get the best accuracy and launch perfect headshots. The recoil control and recoil patterns are also key to win battles. Here’s all about Valorant Spray Patterns and tricks to get better shots with guns.

Valorant Spray Patterns – Everything You Need to Know

Many weapons in Valorant have spray patterns. These will change based on weapons you pick. Some weapons work in range and some in melee. The spray pattern also changes after the first attack from your weapon and this makes it hard to master it.

The spray pattern in Valorant weapons keeps changing for weapons. Be it T, L, or W shape, you have to time your attacks perfectly to increase your kills. Top weapons like Vandal, Frenzy, Phantom and Bulldog have the best spray patterns and recoil control. 

To get a higher accuracy, you have to shoot from a distance and this changes for every gun. In Valorant, rifles work in 50m and shotguns can be used within 30m. Also, the number of rounds from the weapon’s mag is crucial to master the spray pattern.

Valorant Spray Patterns & Weapons

Valorant spray patterns
Valorant Spray Patterns - This Spray Pattern Trick Will Make You a Headshot Machine! 2
  • Vandal – Known as the best automatic rifle, Vandal is a long-range weapon. The spray pattern for Vandal is easy and you can get the best results from the first few hits. Vandal is also a top-tier weapon that helps you dominate the meta
  • Phantom – Phantom is the best rifle to use in mid-range in Valorant battles. It sprays multiple shots to nearby enemies and the firing rate has been excellent. The spray pattern for Phantom remains the same for the first set of shots. Once you kill multiple enemies, it will be challenging.
  • Guardian – This Semi-automatic rifle has excellent accuracy and firing rate. Though the spray pattern is challenging, it has better recoil and can be used in long-range. Guardian’s headshot multiplier is great and can be used for battles in all maps
  • Spectre – Spectre is an incredible SMG with the best recoil control in Valorant. It has the same spray pattern as other weapons and can be used in close-range for better results 

That’s everything you need to know about Valorant spray pattern, recoil and best weapons. Playing with agents like ISO helps you dominate the ranked mode battles.


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