This is surprising news for PC gamers in the US and will this trend get picked up in other states and countries as well? Here is everything that you need to know about the US banning gaming PCs

You can often see gamers flexing their high specs PC, but this may not be the future.Gaming PCs are just built different, literally. They need powerful components that are not needed for any other purpose. This hardware is what makes your gaming experience so smooth.

But this hardware also consumes a lot of power. Power consumption is the main reason why certain hardware will not be shipped to these half dozen states. 

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A gaming PC can cost quite an amount to build (CNN)

Six US states have new regulations which limit the power consumption allowed by the devices. In response to this, the companies have stopped shipping these products to these six states.

The new regulations have been adopted in these six states- California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. The residents of these states will not be able to buy certain high-end hardware. This was first spotted and shared by Marie Oakes on Twitter.

Dell is no longer shipping the Alienware Aurora R12 and the Aurora R10 hardware as they are over the power consumption limit set by the six states. The orders placed will be automatically cancelled if the address is in any of the six states.

The Aurora R12 and R10 are built around the latest generation processors from Intel and AMD. There are certain exceptions though, as players can opt for the cheaper version which falls under the legal power consumption level. The players will have to sacrifice the quality of their gameplay just to play the games legally.

This is a huge step taken by the states to push for energy-efficient hardware. It is anticipated that the new standards will save 2.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year. We may see the manufacturers improve their energy efficiency which will certainly help the players and the environment. 

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