Uncoupled Season 2: Neil Patrick Harris Returns for More Romance and Laughs


Uncoupled season 2 will return to Showtime later this year but date is not fixed yet, continuing the story of New York real estate broker Michael as he navigates his dating life as a single gay man in his forties. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Tuc Watkins, Tisha Campbell Brooks Ashmanskas and Emerson Brooks. It was created by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman.

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Uncoupled premiered its inaugural season in July 2022 and left many viewers yearning for more. Neil Patrick Harris stars as Michael, a gay man forced back into dating after 17 years with his partner who has just left him. Also featured are Tuc Watkins, Tisha Campbell, Brooks Ashmanskas, and Emerson Brooks – with creator Darren Star (Sex and the City and Emily in Paris) acting as executive producer alongside Tony Hernandez from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and Lilly Burns from Emily in Paris).

Show Title“Uncoupled”
SeasonSeason 2 is expected to return on Showtime later this year.
Main CastNeil Patrick Harris, Tuc Watkins, Tisha Campbell, Brooks Ashmanskas, Emerson Brooks
CreatorsDarren Star and Jeffrey Richman
Season 1 OverviewPremiered on Netflix in July 2022, received acclaim. Netflix didn’t renew, but Showtime picked it up.
Season 2 StatusNo official confirmation yet, but Neil Patrick Harris is hopeful. Production temporarily on hold.
Show’s PremiseFollows Michael, a gay New York real estate broker, navigating dating life after a long-term relationship.
Notable PerformancesTisha Campbell’s Suzanne Prentiss is a standout character.
Potential StorylinesHints at exploring Kai’s father’s identity and introducing new characters in Season 2.
Production StatusUncertain due to the ongoing writer’s strike, but script development is underway.
Rescued by ShowtimeSaved by Showtime after Netflix’s cancellation.

Netflix was an overwhelming success with this show and received widespread acclaim, yet they decided not to renew it after its initial run had finished. Luckily, Showtime came through quickly to rescue this gem of an entertainment series by signing on and picking it up immediately after Netflix announced they wouldn’t renew it.

Though there has been no official confirmation yet, fans remain hopeful for another season of Uncoupled. Star has become known as an accomplished creator of high-quality rom-coms such as this one and Uncoupled certainly fits that mold. Furthermore, its first season ended on an exciting cliffhanger so there’s a good chance it may return for more episodes!

Tuc Watkins

After its successful first season, fans are eager to know if Uncoupled will return for a second. Although Netflix has not given official approval of a renewal yet, it is expected. Neil Patrick Harris stars as Michael in this Netflix original series created by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman featuring Tisha Campbell, Brooks Ashmanskas, Emerson Brooks and Marcia Gay Harden among many others.

Harris remains hopeful that their series will soon return, even as production on it has been temporarily put on hold due to a writers’ strike. He recently expressed his wish to film in warmer temperatures as this would make filming more vibrant and lively; however, any delays could cost production dearly; hopefully it should return by late summer or early fall to give their fans hope!

Tisha Campbell

Uncoupled debuted last July on Netflix and quickly became an audience favorite. Starring Neil Patrick Harris as Michael, a gay New York real estate agent trying to navigate his dating life after being dumped by his partner of 17 years, Uncoupled was created by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman and also features Tuc Watkins, Tisha Campbell Brooks Ashmanskas and Emerson Brooks as regular cast members.

Uncoupled follows Michael as he navigates an unfamiliar world in search of love. As a single gay man in America, Michael learns all about dating as well as the changing landscape in his community over two decades.

Neil Patrick Harris may receive the spotlight for his portrayal of Michael, but Tisha Campbell truly steals the show as Suzanne Prentiss, Michael’s business partner and close confidante. Tisha, best known from How I Met Your Mother actress Tisha is an engaging performer whose performances never cease to make audiences laugh out loud!

Brooks Ashmanskas

Uncoupled was recently saved from cancellation by Showtime and is expected to return for its second season. Neil Patrick Harris stars as Michael Lawson, an over-40s gay male navigating single life alongside Tuc Watkins’ long-term partner Colin, Tisha Campbell’s Suzanne, Emerson Brooks’ Billy and Brooks Ashmanskas’ Stanley (all played by Tuc Watkins).

Production for Season 7 remains uncertain due to the ongoing writer’s strike; however, co-creators Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman have begun developing scripts for it.

One of the main mysteries from season one was who Kai’s father is; this would be great to explore in season two. In an interview with TVLine, star Darren Star teased that there could be some big surprises in store for fans this season and hinted at introducing a new character (presumably European) – giving no details but only saying they would appear.

Emerson Brooks

Uncoupled found its new home on Showtime after Netflix cancelled it after only one season, where Neil Patrick Harris stars as Michael, an LGBT New Yorker navigating dating after 17 years with someone else leaves him. Additionally, Tisha Campbell stars as Suzanne; Brooks Ashmanskas plays Stanley; Marcia Gay Harden plays Claire; all created by Sex and the City and Emily in Paris creator Darren Star.

Though production has been delayed by the writer’s strike, Harris remains hopeful that filming can resume soon. Recently he shared his experiences filming season one and revealed he prefers warmer temperatures when filming.

Brooks is best known for his role as Uncoupled’s leading man; however, he has also appeared in other television shows and films as well as voiced characters in popular video games. Additionally, the NAACP Image Award winner works as a stuntman trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Tai Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and hand-to-hand weapons combat; as well as commercials and music videos.


Fans of Neil Patrick Harris and the delightful cast can look forward to more dating adventures and laughter as Uncoupled Season 2 continues the story, now on Showtime, after Netflix’s cancellation. The date of release has not been finalised yet. Get ready for another round of heartwarming moments and unexpected twists!