Ryan Hall has struggled to find his next fight and called out a couple of big names

Things seem to be tough for UFC star Ryan Hall after he posted on Instagram in search of his next fight.

The 34-year-old on season 22 of the Ultimate Fighter and is ranked #14 in the UFC featherweight division.

Ryan Hall next fight
Ryan Hall has won his last eight fights (Image credit: UFC)

Hall did lose his first fight in his MMA career but has been on an eight-match winning streak. The 34-year-old, however, seems to be struggling to find an opponent for his next fight.

The American has been involved in four UFC fights and has won them all. The last one was at UFC Fight Night: de Randamie vs. Ladd where he defeated Darren Elkins after three rounds.

This took place on 13 July 2019 but Hall want more. He called out Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo because he looked up to them and was ready to fight.

Hall also made a startling claim that other fighters have refused to bout with him.


“Maybe one of them would be willing to step in to show everybody else how it’s done? Pick the time and place, boys. I’ll be there.”

Many supporters were excited at the possible fight between Ryan and either of the UFC veterans.

Fight not going to happen soon

However, the fight with Aldo or even Edgar seems unlikely given that the pair have left the 145-pound division.

They both are trying their luck in the Bantamweight division, and it will be interesting to see how they do in the future.

As for Ryan, he might have to call out a few more people in hopes of getting a fight. Surprisingly, his fight against Gray Maynard and BJ Penn was nearly two-years apart.

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The clash against Artem Lobov also took place in 2015 whereas the Maynard fight was on December 2016.


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