UFC President Dana White reacts to Cain Velasquez’s attempted murder charge


Dana White reacts to the news that Cain Velasquez apparently shot a man accused of molesting a relative

The always opinionated Dana White is well known to let his voice be heard whenever it comes to speaking about his fighters, or their activities outside the cage. He is not the one to mince words when it comes to speaking his mind.

Dana White
Dana White

Ever since the latest developments emerged in the Cain Velasquez shooting case, indicating the targeted man was accused of molesting his relative, MMA community was eagerly waiting to hear the boss-man’s take on the issue.

In a recent interaction with Barstool Sports, White said, “I obviously feel sorry for him and his family. It’s a horrible thing. I don’t know enough details to speak on it, but from what I’ve heard – we all say we’d do it if it ever happened to us. Cain did it.”

It’s really encouraging to see White stand up for his fighter, even though nothing regarding the case has been confirmed yet.

UFC Fighters set in motion the ‘Free Cain’ camp

Ever since new developments from the Cain Velasquez case have emerged, several UFC fighters have voiced their support for the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Cain Velasquez arrested
Cain Velasquez (F4w)

The following day of Velasquez’s arrest, a report from The San Jose Mercury-News disclosed that Velasquez shot at a car comprising three individuals – including 43-year-old Harry Eugene Goularte, who had recently been accused of molesting a close relative.

Since then several UFC fighters have expressed their support for Cain on Twitter and also set in motion the ‘Free Cain’ movement.

AKA teammate and longtime training partner posted a picture on Instagram voicing his support for Cain

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