UFC Vegas 48 – Johnny Walker vs Jamahal Hill: Who has the edge?


UFC Vegas 48 headlined by Johnny Walker vs Jamahal Hill is just a few days away

The main event fight at UFC Vegas 48, between Johnny Walker and Jamahal Hill has two different kinds of fighters at different stages in their career. They both have expectations from fans and this fight has a lot to offer in terms of uncertainty.

UFC Vegas 48: The case of Johnny Walker & Jamahal Hill

Johnny Walker came into UFC and got the attention pretty quickly. He was seen as this exciting talent who seemed to have the moves. The man can produce a knee to face out of nowhere.

One can’t undermine his spinning side kicks either. His punches were so effective and he is a supreme Athlete. He went on to win his initial fights but once he faced a quality fighter in Corey Anderson, he was put to test.

On the other hand, Jamahal Hill is an exciting fighter, an upcoming one as well. He is someone who is finding a way to rise up the ranks. This fight is actually seen as a benefit to Jamahal Hill than Johnny Walker.

The Approach

Johnny Walker is a supreme athlete. He is pretty strong as well. The man uses his top condition to move fast and confuse his opponents. He is also capable of producing a knockout strike at very unusual positions.

Johnny Walker getting KO’d by Corey Anderson

Since his loss to Corey Anderson, Johnny Walker hasn’t had the same approach. He got heavily beaten in the chin when he fought Corey Anderson and that had influenced Walker to be much more tentative. He isn’t approaching the fights as aggressive as he used to.

Hill on the other hand is accurate when it comes to his punches. He will be looking to approach this fight as an aggressor. It will be of no surprise if Jamahal tries to finish this fight as quick as he can.

What’s at stake for Johnny Walker and Jamahal Hill?

If Hill wins this fight, it will create a buzz in the UFC for him. But for Walker, winning alone wouldn’t be enough. Walker is now seen as someone who is good against average fighters and not so good against the reputed ones.

So with Jamahal not being an established fighter yet, winning alone won’t be enough for Walker. He will have to dominate the fight to get the UFC world once again looking at him.

On the whole, both seem to stand equal in terms of chances. But Walker might end up on top if he fights anywhere close to his best. The variety in his fighting style is expected to provide him with an edge.

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