UFC cutman Don House was seen wearing the QAnon patches at UFC Las Vegas 3

The UFC has launched an investigation regarding cutman Don House after he was seen wearing QAnon patches at the recent Curtis Blaydes fight.

House, who is an experienced cutman for the UFC, was seen with the conspiracy theory patches on his gear while attending to Blaydes during the event.

Curtis Blaydes recorded the most takedowns in UFC Heavyweight history
Curtis Blaydes reacts after his decision victory over Alexander Volkov (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The UFC confirmed that wearing such material was a violation of their rules for staff and the matter would be investigated (h/t ESPN).

QAnon is a conspiracy group that is sharing a plot against the US President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Supporters are often seen wearing a black “Q” with a red background. House was seen wearing the Q symbol and even the “WWG1WGA” patches are known for their links to the QAnon group.

Curtis Blaydes got the win over Alexander Volkov
(R-L) Curtis Blaydes punches Alexander Volkov of Russia in their heavyweight bout (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The cutman spoke with MMA Fighting and knew he needed to get approval from the UFC. However, he decided not to take it.

House claimed that the group was trying to oust traffickers but suggested he wasn’t keen on their conspiracy theories (h/t MMA Fighting):

“Some say they’re a part of child trafficking. No. They’re the complete opposite of that. They’re trying to expose that.

“My message is simple,” House said. “It’s not about I signed up for a club that wants to overthrow the government. I’m not a part of that nonsense. But I do like the message where it talks about everyone being as one in the United States, and the planet, for that matter.”

Not the first time have linked up with MMA

ESPN adds the FBI added the group as a “growing threat for domestic terrorism”. However, this isn’t the first time QAnon have made a splash in the UFC circuit.

While the UFC has denounced links to the group, the Q logo was seen on a rooftop of a gym last week.

Jon Jones has vacated his UFC title
Jon Jones vacated his UFC title recently (Twitter)

This is the same gym used by Jon Jones and Holly Holm, according to ESPN. However, the Jackson Wink MMA gym spokesperson confirmed that this was done by an individual and denounced all links to “hate/alt-right groups”.

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