“Something needs to be done about UFC judging” – Twitter unhappy as TJ Dillashaw earns a mightily close split decision win over Cory Sandhagen at UFC Vegas 32


The returning TJ Dillashaw earned a stunning split decision victory over Cory Sandhagen

TJ Dillashaw is back with a bang. The former two-time bantamweight champion earned a narrow split decision victory over Cory Sandhagen in a fight that was an exemplar of modern mixed martial arts.

Right from the first second, both the fighters began putting on a striking clinic.

It was the ‘returning’ TJ Dillashaw who had a brilliant first round, despite almost having his knee pop.

Cory Sandhagen TJ Dillashaw
Cory Sandhagen punches TJ Dillashaw at UFC Vegas 32

Sandhagen came back strongly in the second round, catching Dillashaw off guard several times, and also causing a massive gash above his eye.

In the third round, just when people began to speculate that Dillashaw might slow down, he showed champion mentality, clearly winning the round. His debilitating leg kicks on Sandhagen were a thing of beauty.

The fourth round clearly belonged to ‘The Sandman’ as he caught Dillashaw with several clean strikes. The fifth round was extremely close, and could have gone either way, although Sandhagen was the one who seemed like, had the edge.

In the end, Dillashaw emerged victorious via. split decision, even as a crestfallen Sandhagen looked on during the official announcement.

Twitter erupts as TJ Dillashaw is awarded the win

The MMA community were clearly not happy with the judges’ decision. There was a unanimous cacophony of Twitterati tearing apart the UFC judging.

Sandhagen himself told Daniel Cormier at the post-fight interview that Dillashaw’s shots had no crippling effect on him, unlike his shots which caused a lot of damage on TJ.

Here is how the MMA community vented their vexations following Sandhagen’s defeat:

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