Twitter reacts to Conor McGregor calling himself the “richest and baddest”


Conor McGregor recently called himself the richest and the baddest in the UFC

Conor McGregor has found himself in murky waters of late. The Irishman suffered back-to-back defeats after he lost his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier at the recently concluded UFC 264.

Though, McGregor was unlucky to have lost in a quite bizarre way (he broke his left ankle), talks of McGregor being ‘done and dusted’ have been rife over the past few days.

Conor Mcgregor broken ankle
This was the moment Conor McGregor broke his ankle at UFC 264 (UFC)

McGregor recently underwent foot surgery following a freak UFC 264 injury, and was discharged from the hospital a couple of days back.

He has been quite vocal on social media following his discharge posting several Tweets and messages hinting at a quadrilogy fight against Poirier.

His most recent tweet had him claiming to be the richest and the baddest in the UFC.

‘Mystic Mac’s post read:

“Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the richest and the baddest of them all.”

McGregor was roasted on Twitter for this tweet. Here are some of the reactions:

Conor McGregor hits back at fan who called him out for endorsing mass lockdowns

McGregor had posted a video in early 2020 asking Irish people to stay home indoors due to the severity of the coronavirus in its initial stages.

A user on Twitter called McGregor out for endorsing mass lockdowns, while also being the reason why 20,000 fans witnessed him at the recently concluded UFC 264.

A calm and composed McGregor replied saying that it was early 2020, and it was very necessary that he had to convey the message.

“This was early 2020 when people where “collapsing in the streets” I was scared for my family. I urged everyone to sit tight for a few weeks to see where we land. My opinion on this situation now is night and day to then. I actually feel I was lied to originally. As where we all.”

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