“Chills”- Twitter reacts as Becky Lynch provides a stunning voiceover for UFC 264 highlighting Conor McGregor


WWE Superstar Becky Lynch provided the voiceover for the latest UFC 264 promo released by BT Sport

UFC 264 is fast approaching. It is headlined by a trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

With both the fighters winning one each, they will be looking forward to going all out in the third fight to put an end to the rivalry. Plus, there is a lightweight title shot at stake, as the winner gets to face Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title.

Conor McGregor Dustin Poirier
Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor faceoff at UFC 257

The UFC have released a couple of spine-tingling promos, but the recent promo released by BT Sport was quite different and unique.

They used WWE Superstar Becky Lynch to provide the voiceover for their latest UFC 264 promo. And Lynch didn’t disappoint, especially when she referred to McGregor as ‘brother’ – both are Irish.

‘The Man’ explains the mentality of warriors in the promo and she does it to perfection.

Lynch can be heard saying:

“Some are born to take the middle path — the safe stretch of road. But us warriors are born with something in us. The light and the dark. The fire and the ice. The good and the bad takes us down a different path. A path to glory that threatens to destroy us.”

She then concludes:

“For each battle is not fought on the canvas, but in the arena of the mind where there’s a fine line between genius and madness. Loved for the enemies slain. Loathed for the destruction left behind. For the most notorious, it’s not where the journey takes them, but when the journey ends. So, go forth, brother, and let the battle begin.”

Fans in awe of Becky Lynch following her incredible voiceover

Lynch’s dialogue delivery was perfect in the promo, and BT did a great job in making an Irish Woman do the duties.

Fans were left in awe of the goosebumps-inducing promo, taken to new levels by ‘The Man’ herself.

Here are a few Twitter reactions:


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