“That dude Buckley is a dawg” – Twitter reacts to Joaquin Buckley’s KO win over Antonio Arroyo and the ‘hematoma’


Joaquin Buckley lived up to the name of ‘knockout artist’ (at UFC Vegas 37) with yet another finish, this time against Antonio Arroyo, but was left with a hematoma

In what looked like a fight going all the way to the judges’ decision, Joaquin Buckley turned up in the final round with a mad burst of energy and earned a knockout win over Antonio Arroyo.

In fact, Buckley would have ended up losing the fight had it gone to the judges’ decision. Even he seemed to concede the fact that he would have lost – at the post-fight interview.

The fight did look pretty even on the eye, but it was Arroyo who was landing the cleaner strikes and edging out Buckley on the scoresheet.

Joaquin Buckley
Joaquin Buckley

There is something Arroyo would be ruing – he kept letting his guard down throughout the entirety of the fight.

And that was exactly when Buckley took advantage. In the blink of an eye, a massive right hand struck Arroyo on his side neck; in seconds Buckley followed it up with an uppercut. Once, Arroyo was down, Buckley made sure that he got the finish – with a barrage of strikes.

This was Buckley’s 10th knockout win in his career. His MMA record currently reads 13 wins and 4 losses. He has won 3 of his last four fights.

Joaquin Buckley’s hematoma the talking point in the post-fight interview

Twitter went wild over Buckley’s victory, since ‘The New Mansa’ always guarantees entertainment.

However, there was another thing that caught the eye of the viewers. Buckley was left with a massive hematoma over his right eye.

Here is how Twitter reacted to Joaquin Buckley knockout win over Arroyo, and not to forget, his hematoma as well:


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