UFC middleweight Sean Strickland wasn’t too receptive of Khalil Rountree’s post-fight emotions at UFC Vegas 50, and defamed him for his behavior

One of the most controversial figures in the UFC today, Sean Strickland is known to overstep the mark very often. Although some might find his unvarnished personality appealing, others have found his hard as nails attitude quite insensitive.

Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland (Credits: UFC)

Khalil Rountree got emotional at the UFC Vegas 50 post-fight press conference, and reminded the world that it’s important to live your life every single day and take control of it. The MMA community applauded Rountree for wearing his heart on his sleeves, and bearing his soul.

However, Strickland wasn’t quite softened by the moment and bashed Khalil for being ‘weak’. He said, “Gayest shit I’ve ever seen and I love bi women so ive seen a lot of gay… Yeah you’re really special, a special little snow flake… This man is the definition of a PC BETA male. You all would hate him….. seriously being in the same room as him makes me cringe.”


It is safe to say that Sean has definitely aggravated many with his harsh comments, as fans start questioning where is the end of it.

“Your Life Matters” – Khalil Rountree delivers an emotional yet powerful message following his victory at UFC Vegas 50

Khalil Rountree reminded the world that it’s important to live your life every single day and take control of it

UFC Vegas 50 delivered some incredible fights and adrenaline-filled moments. But the most significant event came during the post-fight press conference, when Khalil Rountree delivered an emotional message urging fans to live their life to the fullest.

Rountree had to battle some inner inhibitions and demons before stepping inside the cage. He picked up a second-round win at UFC Vegas 50 by ferociously finishing Karl Roberson with a body kick followed by punches. The Ultimate Fighter season 23 finalist was awarded a Performance of the Night bonus later that night.

When asked about his challenges before the fight, Khalil immediately broke down in tears and delivered a profound moment by saying,

“I don’t want to wait until I’m a champion to tell my story and where I come from being a 300-pound kid on the brink of suicide burdened by depression, not knowing what to do with my life, not knowing where to go,” Khalil Rountree said. “I just want to be able to share that, and really inspire the millions of people out there who feel just like I do, who don’t have a dream and don’t know what they’re doing, that just need something. I want to be able to share my story with these types of people because maybe there’s some lives that I can change. So when I come in here, man, that’s my focus.”

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