Roman Reigns says Brock Lesnar could be on the same level as Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey


Roman Reigns compared Brock Lesnar to UFC superstar Conor McGregor and former UFC women’s superstar Ronda Rousey

Roman Reigns is just a few days away from his match against Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel 2021.

He will be defending his WWE Universal Championship against ‘The Beast Incarnate.’ It all started following Reigns’ win over John Cena at SummerSlam 2021, after Lesnar interrupted Reigns’ celebration.

brock lesnar roman reigns crown jewel
Crown Jewel 2021 poster featuring Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar

On the 10th of September, Lesnar challenged Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship to which Reigns agreed.

The match was set for Crown Jewels on the 21st of October in Saudi Arabia.

After not being officially declared as a title fight, it was made one after Reigns successfully defended his title against ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor.

With the match inching closer, Reigns spoke about Lesnar being one of the most relevant MMA fighters during his heydays.

He compared Lesnar to UFC greats Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.

Reigns was quoted as saying:

“Brock Lesnar might be one of the most… I’m not going to throw him in that GOAT category of actual MMA fighting and mixed martial arts, but as far as from a draw standpoint and attention and eye-raising [standpoint], I don’t know if there’s anyone outside of [Conor] McGregor and Ronda [Rousey], but then there’s Brock.” “There’s a special three when it comes to the fight game, and Brock’s got a stronghold. People want to see him get physical. He just has that allure and demeanor around him.” [via Rajah]

Brock Lesnar dominated the late 2000s and early 2010s

Having joined the UFC after a successful amateur and pro wrestling career, Lesnar made an instant impact.

Following a loss against Frank Mir on debut, Lesnar bounced back with four back-to-back wins that included winning the heavyweight belt.

He also exacted revenge over Mir in the process.

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