“I know I’m gonna eventually fight here” – Paddy Pimblett reacts to attending Liverpool vs Inter Milan at Anfield


Paddy Pimblett showed up at Anfiled to support his hometown team in their Champions league match against Inter Milan

Liverpool hosted Inter Milan in the second leg of their Champions League match at Anfield. Amongst the many in attendance was UFC featherweight and local fighting hero, Paddy Pimblett.

Paddy Pimblett
Paddy Pimblett (UFC)

He even stopped by for an interview on the football pitch and dished out his plans for the future. Apart from the fact that he is fighting at the O2 Arena in a few days, he also expressed his desire to eventually fight at Anfield one day.

Speaking to BT Sport, he said, “I know I’m gonna bring it here. I know I’m gonna eventually fight here [Anfield]. You know what I mean, I have visualized it. I’ve imagined it over the years and now it’s getting closer and closer to happening. I know full well it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen over the next five years.”

Paddy Pimblett returns to the Octagon at UFC London

Paddy Pimblett is scheduled to face Rodrigo Vargas at the upcoming UFC Fight Night in London on March 19th. Tickets for the event were sold out in just minutes, and he believes his star power and magnetic fighting style is the reason for it.

Paddy Pimblett will face Vargas in his second fight inside the octagon. Visuals of him from back in the day, fighting in his hometown and celebrating wildly with crowd is still fresh. He would be eagerly waiting to recreate that when he returns on 19th March.

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