Watch: An old video of Bobby Green with an inspirational message goes trending


Throwback to when Bobby Green brought his foster father on camera during his post-fight interview and shared the message of love and joy

Bobby Green’s inclusion in the UFC 49 Vegas card is the talk of the town. In an era where the corporation spends millions to generate a star, Green is a true original who developed his fan following by staying true to himself.

Bobby Green is a veteran in the UFC
HOUSTON, TEXAS – FEBRUARY 12: Bobby Green exits the octagon after winning his lightweight fight against Nasrat Haqparast of Germany via unanimous decision during UFC 271 at Toyota Center on February 12, 2022 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Although his record might not be pleasing to the eyes, fans still tune in to watch his stout-hearted fighting style and distinctive personality. MMA world saw a refined and reformed version of Green when he last stepped into the octagon at UFC 271, just a few weeks back. He displayed crisp boxing and got away unscathed against a tough opponent in Nasrat Haqparast.

Fans took notice of Bobby Green when he beat Clay Guida, an experienced veteran of the game and delivered a profound moment during the post-fight interview. He called up his foster father, who is Caucasian, midway during the interview to spread the message of love and irrelevance of skin color in today’s age.

“Right now, in this time in our country, we’re doing this whole ‘Black Lives Matter’. Everyone’s fighting, everyone looting. This is my father. I was born in foster care. I didn’t have a mother or father. They gave me a way. My father wasn’t fit to be my father. This is my dad here, Jacob Benny. He’s been there since the beginning. He’s done everything. He’ll lay his life down for me, I’ll lay my life down for him. I don’t judge any man on the color of their skin but on the content of their character. We’re here, we love. It doesn’t matter what color, it’s all about love.”

“I’m going to walk in there like a gangster and punch him in his face” – Bobby Green has violent intentions when he walks into Islam Makhachev inside the UFC octagon

‘The heroics of Bobby Green’ is the talk of MMA world now. Ever since Green valiantly saved this weekend’s main event, there seems to be a new wave of excitement surrounding the card.

Makhachev is a heavy favorite coming into this fight and MMA pundits believe that there’s only a slim chance that Green might pull it off.

Green is unfazed by the noise and has made his intentions loud and clear.

He said, “I’m going to walk in there like a gangster and punch him [Islam Mackhachev] in his face”

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