“Now it’s extremely personal”- Henry Cejudo believes Alex Pereira should not give up on his rivalry with Israel Adesanya


Henry Cejudo believes Alex Pereira should not give up on his rivalry with Israel Adesanya

Alex Pereira, in the opinion of Henry Cejudo, should take Israel Adesanya’s taunt to his kid extremely personally. Israel Adesanya defeated Alex Pereira at UFC 287 last weekend. Adesanya viciously knocked out the Brazilian in the main event to win back the UFC middleweight title.

Henry Cejudo was supposed to face Jose Aldo at UFC 250
Henry Cejudo leaves the octagon after defeating Dustin Kimura (not pictured) during the UFC Fight Night event at the U.S. Airways Center (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

After the fight, he mocked Pereira’s unconsciousness by pointing to his son in the audience. Although it looked cruel, Alex’s son had done the same thing to Adesanya after one of their kickboxing matches many years ago, so Adesanya was just recreating the moment. Afterwards, Pereira stated that he prevented his kid from doing the same behavior at UFC 281.

Now Henry Cejudo has weighed in, saying that it should be used as motivation for a trilogy battle between ‘Poatan’ and Adesanya in the octagon:

“When you bring family in, you bring your boy in there, and the kid was probably four or five years old when he did that… Kids can’t help themselves… (Adesanya) takes no prisoners. That’s who he is,” Cejudo continued. “If there’s fuel to the fire that needs to be added, Alex Pereira, it’s you going and fighting for that strap once again. It’s you knocking on that door, being vocal, and saying, ‘Hey Israel, now it’s extremely personal.’”

He added:

“You gave him a rematch after you knocked him out. I think it’s only fair you ask daddy Dana… ‘Hey, this is personal, he did this to me, he did this to my son.’ … Alex, the cards are on the table for you. Make the right call. Fight for that fight. Get your rematch.”

Israel Adesanya issues warning to Dricus Du Plessis

Israel Adesanya warned an anonymous 185-pound fighter after his stunning win over Alex Pereira at UFC 287. Unidentified because Adesanya was so afraid of giving the guy more attention by using his name, even in jest. It was obvious, though, that he was referring to Dricus Du Plessis, the sixth-ranked middleweight in the world.

Du Plessis, a South African fighter, has caused a stir by declaring his intention to become the first legitimate African UFC champion.

Speaking in the post-fight interview, Adesanya stated:

“F*ck, I don’t want to give this n*gga no clout. I will whoop that – ugh, I wanna whoop his ass so bad. I wanna whoop his ass so bad. I want to do it in South Africa or Nigeria. But, he’s gotta do work. He’s gotta do something. Show me something so I can whoop his ass and I can show him history. I’ll remind you.”

“Because you gotta choose your words wisely when you speak on people that have come before you. People that paved the way for you. You’ve got to pick your words wisely. You want to try and be a big boy? I don’t want to give him no clout, but if he does work – and I pray to God he keeps winning – I will gladly drag his carcass across South Africa.”

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