A Nevada Supreme Court panel has rejected the plea in a legal battle involving UFC President Dana White and a Las Vegas man who went to prison for trying to blackmail White in a sex-tape case

Ramos, a 45 year old Las Vegas real estate agent and personal trainer, filed a sex-tape scandal suit against Dana White back in April 2020. Since then he had served a 366-day federal prison term for the extortion attempt. He had revealed that White offered him a bribe of $450,000 to keep his name away from the case.

Dana White update on Conor McGregor return
Dana White is the current president of the UFC (Image credit: Getty)

Ramos, threatened to post the video of his girlfriend having sex with White in a hotel room during an Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Brazil in October 2014 on the internet.

A lawyer representing Ernesto Joshua Ramos in his breach-of-contract lawsuit against the UFC president said he will ask the full seven-member court to reconsider the decision handed down by a three-justice panel.

Ramos had a right to assert his claims against White according to attorney Ian Christopherson, a U.S. District Court judge who in 2016 sentenced Ramos to 366 days in federal prison for the extortion attempt.

White’s lawyer, Donald Campbell, did not immediately respond to telephone and email messages seeking comment.

‘A Nevada Supreme Court panel has rejected an appeal in a legal battle between UFC President Dana White and a Las Vegas man who went to prison for trying to extort White in a sex-tape case”

‘We’re coming back this year’- Dana White reveals a major change of plans for UFC in the UK

When White took the stage during the post-fight media scrum, he was oozing with positivity and exuberance following the successful conclusion of the event. The event delivered beyond the wildest dreams of the UFC top brass- arousing crowd, exhilarating fights and jaw-dropping finishes, the card had it all.

White said that the MMA landscape in the UK has hit its peak and the reception was beyond the phantom of his mind.

“Tonight reenergized and reminded me what it’s like to do fights over in the U.K., man,” White said. “We’re coming back this year. I don’t give a sht what the schedule is. We’re going to be moving some sht around when we get home. The way I look at it, you do half the kids that one. You come back here and do a card with them and somebody else. You take the other half of the kids to Abu Dhabi in October. Just off the top of my head, that’s what I’m thinking right now.”

It was rather enlivening to watch Dana, who is notoriously famous to not give out any fight information during the post-fight press conferences in such a jovial mood, and give out UFC’s plans for the future.

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