UFC superstar Nate Diaz takes a subtle dig at UFC President Dana White and chief business officer Hunter Campbell over fighter pay dispute

Nate Diaz has emerged to be one of the biggest superstars in the game right now. Even though he has lost two of his previous fights, his stocks remain high to this day, and the UFC is cognizant of that. The UFC has recently offered lucrative contracts to Israel Adesanya and Jorge Masvidal, and is possibly working on something similar for Diaz.

Nate Diaz is on the mind of Khamzat Chimaev
Jorge Masdival and Nate Diaz during UFC 244 weighing at Madsion Square Garden in New York City this Friday, 01. The fight takes place on Saturday 02 UFC 244 in Nova York – ZUMAc233 20191101_zsp_c233_011 Copyright: xVanessaxCarvalhox

But the Stockton slugger has his sights set on a move away from the sport, with a feasible jump to boxing.  The younger Diaz brother was among the first wave of fighters that set motion the fighter pay dispute. He has been vocal about his contract with the UFC, and along with his brother Nick, became the first of a very elite group of fighters to negotiate PPV points into their contract without a belt.

UFC president Dana White sent in some fresh gear to the Stockton fighter, and although Diaz did appreciate the gesture, he took the opportunity to taunt the UFC by suggesting that the pockets need to be bigger.

He said, ‘ Thanks @hunter and Dana for new ufc gear these pants need bigger pockets tho 👊🏼’

Nate Diaz shares a hilarious GIF of his infamous ‘Stockton Slap’ to Conor McGregor

One of Nate Diaz’s offense of choice inside the octagon is his ‘Stockton Slap’ that he uses to humiliate and demean his opponents. Ever since the Oscar controversy surrounding Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage, several videos of Diaz slapping his opponents and UFC boss Dana White have been floating on the internet.

In the words of the Stockton slugger, ‘Sometimes you got to slap some people to remind them where they at’. The slap is a street-move that Diaz manages to use effectively during fights. Although it does not amount to any significant damage, it still messes up your morale and knocks the stuffing out of fighters.

Nate Diaz fought Conor Mcgregor for the second time at UFC 202 in one of the biggest fights in the promotion’s history. Although he got battered in the initial rounds, Diaz bounced back like he usually does, and took the fight to McGregor. He slapped McGregor on multiple occasions trying to rattle him away from his game-plan. The ‘Notorious’ one maintained his composure as he took home a majority decision victory.

Diaz and ‘The Irishman’ have gone on several Twitter exchanges, most recently when McGregor got in trouble for over-speeding. Nate posted a GIF of him slapping a dwarf-sized Conor, trying to mock the Irishman.

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