Firas Zahabi believes Nate Diaz would finish 99% of the fighters if there were no time limits


Nate Diaz stole the show at the recently concluded UFC 263

Nate Diaz made an entertaining return to the UFC at UFC 263. ‘The Stockton Slugger’ took on Leon Edwards in the first-ever five-round non-title fight in the history of the promotion.

Diaz showed why he is loved so much in the very last minute of the fight. After being dominated by Leon Edwards for 24 minutes of the fight, he almost turned the entire fight on its head in the last minute.

Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards
Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards at UFC 263 (Credits: UFC Twitter)

A ‘Stockton Slap’ followed by a strong left hook rendered Edwards groggy as he ran towards the cage to same himself from being finished. ‘The Brit’ somehow saw it to the end of the round, and won the fight via. unanimous decision.

Diaz received a huge round of applause for coming up big in the last minute. In fact, Edwards was booed during the post-fight interview, while Diaz was hailed a hero.

Firas Zahabi feels Nate Diaz is the scariest fighter in UFC

Speaking about Nate Diaz, Tristar Gym head coach Firas Zahabi revealed in his latest episode of his Coach Zahabi podcast that Diaz would beat almost everyone fighter in the UFC if there was no time limit.

Just like how the majority of the MMA community claimed that the ‘West Coast Gangster’ would have beaten Edwards had there been no time limit, Zahabi reiterated the same

“If you put Nate Diaz in a fight where there is no time limit, I think, he beats ninety-nine percent of fighters. You can’t sub him, you can’t finish him. The guy doesn’t stop walking forward. He puts volume on you. He is the scariest street fighter in MMA. I think, if you had to fight him in the street you are in a fight for your life. If he had no time limit in the fight with Leon Edwards, he beats Edwards. And I have tremendous respect for Edwards.” [Via RT Sport]

Nate and his brother Nick Diaz are long-time triathletes. They participate in triathlons very often, and hence their formidable gas tanks, and ability to go the distance even if they are beaten to a pulp.

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