Matt Riddle responds in typical fashion after 11-year UFC record is broken at Fight Island 6


Matt Riddle held a UFC record or two but one was broken on Fight Island 6

Former UFC and MMA star Matt Riddle held one big record in the promotion, which was broken on Fight Island 6.

Riddle was one of the rising stars in the UFC during his time with the promotion. The Original Bro amassed a record of eight wins, three losses and two no contests during his time. However, the no contests were wins for him but those were overturned after he tested positive for cannabis.

Matt Riddle got the better of Chad Gable
Matt Riddle in action against Chad Gable /Shorty G (WWE)

Riddle is an advocate of Marijuana use and has hit out at promotions for not allowing stars to use such products.

However, even during his short time in MMA, he held one UFC record for 11 years. Jun Yong Park landed 258 ground strikes against John Phillips in a unanimous decision win.

This beat Riddle’s record of 251 strikes which he achieved in 2009 against Steve Bruno.

Chilled out about it

Riddle responded to the record being broken in true fashion with a chill take on it. While he isn’t performing on the MMA circuit, the Original Bro was more than happy to see his record being broken.

The Bro was also pleased with the fact that he kept this record for 11 years:

Riddle and Dana White had their differences during the WWE star’s UFC career. However, the Original Bro has been one of the fast-rising stars in WWE.

He is a former NXT Tag team champion and is now wowing the fans on Raw. Riddle was undefeated in his last five MMA fights before taking up wrestling as a full-time career.

There are great things expected from the Original Bro, and he seems set to celebrate with more gold around his waist soon.

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