Police were called after a heated argument between Tito Ortiz and a local resident

An argument between former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz and a local resident reached boiling point as police had to be involved.

Even if Tito Ortiz says otherwise, he has become a political figure recently. He won one of the three seats in the city council of Huntington Beach, California and thus became Mayor pro tempore.

Tito Ortiz flees before police arrive
Tito Ortiz at the UFC Hall of Fame’s class of 2018 induction ceremony. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Ortiz, a Huntington Beach local, has been vocally supportive of Donald Trump and many of his right-wing policies.

For his own political campaign in 2020, Ortiz supported legal immigration, the second amendment, and strict law enforcement. He also infamously called Covid-19 a “flu” which was started to control population.

On 23rd December, Tito Ortiz organized a food donating event where he was handing out food parcels at the Ocean View School District property.

Police called after Tito Ortiz gets called out for not wearing a mask and getting into a heated argument

Things took an unpleasant turn when residents spotted Ortiz distributing food to kids and other residents without any face mask.

Tito Ortiz got into a heated argument with a resident which led to police being called to the scene.
Tito Ortiz at Writers Guild Theater on November 21, 2019. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

The event was at a place with strict pandemic safety rules and regulations. People noticed and called out Ortiz, a known Covid-19 denier, for his carelessness.

One resident took it a little too far as he started recording his conversation with Ortiz.

The man recording the video got a reaction out of the UFC Hall of Famer after he kept flooding him with questions regarding Ortiz’s right-wing policies and political beliefs.


The video was upload online and went viral on Twitter for all to see. Lauren Murphy, who fights in the flyweight division of UFC, had a hilarious take on the video.

She quoted the tweet and mentioned that the heated argument taking place while all of them were dressed in their Christmas clothing and red hats.

The issue escalated as police arrived at the scene, but by then Ortiz had left. However, it stays unclear if anyone was charged by the cops.

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