Ali Abdelaziz claims Kayla Harrison can beat Amanda Nunes


Ali Abdelaziz thinks that PFL fighter Kayla Harrison can beat Amanda Nunes

Kayla Harrison has been the talking point for the past few days in the MMA world. Harrison beat Taylor Guardado on 27th October in the PFL title tournament. She also bagged her second $1 million prize. Harrison had been undefeated in her MMA career having fought 12 times. Many have also compared her to arguably the greatest female combat sports athlete Amanda Nunes.

A lot of people also claim that she can beat Nunes and one of them happens to be the manager of Kayla Harrison Ali Abdelaziz. Abdelaziz recently responded to a tweet which raised the question whether Harrison can beat Nunes right now. Take a look at how the manager responded:

“Yes 💯💯💯💯💯”

Abdelaziz is fairly confident about Harrison beating Nunes right now. It is worth noting that Nunes has not lost a fight in six years. And she also does not look like she is about to lose anytime soon.

Kayla Harrison Amanda Nunes
Amanda Nunes and Kayla Harrison have trained together in the past (MMA Mania)

What more did Ali Abdelaziz have to say?

Though, many have been debating over the fact that whether Harrison can beat Nunes or not, it is worth noting that Harrison doesn’t quite have the resume when compare to Nunes as of now. A fan also raised the same question to Ali Abdelaziz to which he responded:

“She’s different 2 time Olympic champion”

Abdelaziz feels like being a two time Olympic champion is the reason that Harrison can get the better of Nunes. However, MMA is a completely different ball game. Even though she is a world class MMA fighter she still has a lot to prove as she is yet to fight a very credible opponent like that of Nunes.

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