UFC Vegas 49 – Ji Yeon Kim vs Priscilla Cachoeira: Judges slammed for robbery


Judges of the Ji Yeon Kim vs Priscilla Cachoeira bout were criticized for their poor decision

Poor judging continues to plague the fight game and in the latest episode unfolded at the UFC 49 bout between Ji Yeon Kim and Priscilla Cachoeira.

Nadia Kassem Ji-Yeon Kim
Nadia Kassem (R) gets hit by Ji-Yeon Kim at UFC 243 (Getty)

Defense and caution were left outside the window, as both fighters engaged in a slugfest from pillar to post. Throughout the fifteen minutes length of the fight, both fighters were more than content to just stand and trade. This fearless performance got them the deserved fight of the night bonus.

Cachoeira won the fight 29-28 by unanimous decision.

MMA community stands divided by the decision

Although the judges gave the edge to Cachoeira, many believed that Ji Yeon Kim won the first two rounds clearly and immediately slammed the judges.

UFC Vegas 49 - Ji Yeon Kim vs Priscilla Cachoeira: Judges slammed for robbery 3

The official UFC Instagram handle put out a post celebrating both the warriors, but the discontent with the decision was apparent in the comments section.

Not just fighters, but MMA fans and journalists were baffled by the decision and posted their reactions on Twitter.

UFc lightweight fighter Dan Hooker shared his views on the fight that many consider as a blatant daylight robbery.

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