Javier Mendez won’t be surprised if Conor McGregor gets a title shot ahead of his protege Islam Makhachev


Javier Mendez spoke to Submission Radio about the lightweight title picture and also said that he won’t be surprised if Conor McGregor got an immediate title shot once he returns

Javier Mendez has become known in recent times for churning out imposing champions out his famed AKA gym. The rising star amongst this group of exceptional talent is Islam Makhachev.

Khabib Nurmagomedov training
Khabib Nurmagomedov with his coach Javier Mendez

Makhachev is on a formidable nine fight win streak in one of the toughest divisions in the UFC, and will compete again this weekend against Bobby Green. While many believe that a win against Green will ensure a title shot for the Dagestani, some have dismissed the idea altogether.

Makhachev’s longtime coach Javier Mendez recently spoke to Submission Radio and expressed his concern that Makhachev might be leapfrogged.

He said, “That’s part of the game, you know. He [Conor McGregor] carries the big numbers, so whatever the UFC decides. I’m expecting anything can happen with that guy that has the power to do that. Do I like it? Absolutely not. But do I have a choice? Absolutely not.”

Speaking about the current state of prizefighting, Mendez added, “To me, the rankings are bullst. They’ve always been bullst. They’re still bulls**t. So, I don’t really care about the rankings.”

Javier Mendez believes that the only chance Bobby Green has of beating Islam Makhachev is by knocking him out

The original main event slated for UFC Fight Night 49 between Beneil Dariush and Islam Makhachev failed to materiaize after Dariush pulled out of the fight owing to an injury. Bobby Green stepped up to the occasion in 10 days notice, heroically saving the card.

In a recent interview with Sumission Radio, Makahachev’s longtime coach Javier Mendez spoke about the fresh match-up between Green and his protégé. He also gave props to Green by saying,

“Bobby Green, he’s an incredible guy. I love the fact that he’s a great entertainer. I love the fact that he comes to fight, gives the fans a great fight. I’m a fan. He’s a great fighter, and I love the opportunity that he’s been given. He’s been around for a long time, and how he’s been put on the spotlight, so he has an opportunity to showcase that maybe he’s entitled to a title shot soon.

He acknowledged the threat that Green poses and said, “We’ll see. My plan is to derail any thoughts he has of that. But anything can happen in the fight. One good shot can take care of anything. But outside of that, there’s no one that beats Islam Makhachev. I’ve been saying it from the beginning, and I’ll continue saying it now: Outside of knocking him out, you’re not going to beat this guy. It’s just not going to happen.”

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