Jake Paul has slammed Colby Covington’s actions, and advised him to learn a thing or two from Chris Rock

The fighting community has been divided ever since reports of Jorge Masvidal attacking Colby Covington at a restaurant in Miami first emerged. While some grievously condemned Jorge’s actions suggesting that he had 25 minutes at UFC 272 to do some damage, others are of the opinion that these are the repercussions of Covington’s disrespectful and insolent behavior over time.

Jake Paul Conor McGregor
MIAMI, FL – JANUARY 30: Jake Paul of Los Angeles California enters the ring make his boxing pro debut on January 30, 2020 part of Matchroom Boxing and DAZN Miami Fight Night at the Meridian in Miami, Fl. Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire BOXING: JAN 30 Miami Fight Night Icon20013069

The ‘Problem Child’ Jake Paul praised Chris Rock’s professionalism when Will Smith rushed to the stage to punch him when he poked fun at his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jake Paul was amused with the fact that Chris Rock, being a comedian did not press charges, but Colby Covington did against Masvidal even though he’s a fighter.

He said on Twitter, ‘Chris Rock didn’t press charges but Colby Covington did lol. Just shows how much of a pussy Colby is. Make Fighters Not Soft Again’

It is evident that Jake Paul isn’t a fan of this ‘soft’ behavior displayed by Colby Covington, and has urged fighters to act tough in real life.

“If somebody sucker-punched me, I’m pressing charges” – Henry Cejudo supports Colby Covington’s actions against Jorge Masvidal

In an episode of The Schmozone PodcastHenry Cejudo extended his support to Colby Covington, and said that he would’ve done something similar in such a case.

He also suggested that Colby should possibly rematch Masvidal, and negotiate PPV points into his contract this time. He said,

“I think if I was in Colby’s situation – it’s hard for me to not say, especially if you sucker-punch and not press charges. Because if somebody sucker-punched me, I’m pressing charges, dude. You know what I’m saying? Like, I’m really pressing charges. I don’t care who you are. Because that’s just not cool. But the plan B, like, for me for Colby would be – fight him again. Fight him again and get pay-per-view points this time. Get your money back in that way.”

It is apparent by now that Colby is a better fighter than Masvidal but a rematch would make sense given the nature of their beef and lingering animosity.

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