Israel Adesanya reveals his current favorite TV show


Former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya reveals his current favorite TV show

Israel Adesanya, a proud ‘Weeaboo’ likes to draw themes for his fights. His nickname, ‘Stylebender’ was also inspired by one of his favorite anime show. Adesanya had also once discussed the influence of anime on him on the episode of Hot Ones.

Israel Adesanya, the next big thing in UFC
Adesanya doing his celebration

Recently Israel Adesanya posted a tweet naming his favorite show currently. Adesanya named Korean show Physical:100 as his binge pleasure.

The show features a hundred outrageously athletic and attractive contestants who compete to see who can showcase their physical strength and eliminate the most opponents. Almost everything about it is reminiscent of Squid Games (as one of the competitors puts it in the first episode) and is just as engaging. You can win 300 million won (approximately $250,000 USD or $920,000 AED) as prize money. 

There are a total of nine episodes, and each Tuesday, Netflix adds two more. Soldiers, national team athletes, weight lifters, actresses, bodybuilders, ice climbers, influencers, TV celebrities, MMA fighters, and many more make up the cast. A few of the participants have appeared on other popular shows, such as “Singles Inferno,” so you may recognize them.

Adesanya wrote on Twitter:

“My new fave anime, #Physical100. Dubbed not subbed.”

Israel Adesanya talks about how Naruto influences him in real life

Israel Adesanya came short in his conquest to avenge the two losses to Alex Pereira in kickboxing. At UFC 281, Adesanya dominated the majority of the fight before ‘Poatan’ rallied in the fifth round to get the finish. He defeated Adesanya for the third time, this time via TKO. Adesanya quickly protested the stoppage and has now stated that his leg was compromised going into the fight. However, he remains confident and motivated for getting the victory against ‘Poatan’ in an inevitable rematch.

Israel Adesanya discussed the influence of anime on him on an episode of Hot Ones:

“It’s helped me tell my own story, be the protagonist in my own story. I’ve already seen the setup for my next storyline, the hunter becomes the hunted. Certain characters and animes, I draw inspiration from. Like when Gai Sensei, who is Rock Lee’s master, when he opened the 8th gate… I cried actually when that moment happened, it’s just inspiring.”

Furthermore, he added that he’s not bothered by people who question his choices at this age:

“People say, ‘Oh, you’re 33,’” he said. “Oh fucking hell, you still trying to rap. Shut up.”

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