Henry Cejudo seems ready to take on two big names who are yet to fight in the UFC 

Henry Cejudo took to social media as he called out both Abdu Rozik and Hasbulla. Triple C, in fact, wanted to fight both stars in a handicap match and even tagged Dana White’s Twitter profile.

This seems to have been done after Rozik called out Cejudo while speaking with The Schmo. Cejudo wasn’t taking this lightly and even claimed he would punt both his rivals like footballs.

Triple C even quipped about people asking him to take someone his own size, referring to his height.

Cejudo has been involved in a hilarious back and forth with Hasbulla for a while, and it seems that Rozik is also in on the fun.

It is unlikely this fight will ever take place, however, it does add a fun element to MMA as Rozik and Hasbulla always seem ready to fight. 

Hasbulla Carolina Panthers
Hasbulla sporting a Carolina Panthers jersey

Henry Cejudo done with the UFC?

Cejudo’s last UFC fight was in May 2020 as he defeated Dominick Cruz to keep the Bantamweight title.

However, he retired from the sport and handed both his belts to the UFC. Cejudo has been open to a return and wants to fight Alexander Volkanovski for the Featherweight title. Triple C wants to become the first UFC star to hold belts in three divisions but it seems unlikely at the moment.

Dana White has been moot regarding Cejudo returning and even told Triple C to fight someone in his older divisions before thinking of fighting Volkanovski.

Cejudo has a lot of other avenues to follow, such as being an MMA pundit, and he even has his own show with The Schmo.

Triple C still can do a decent job if he ever does return to the Octagon. However, it is to be seen when that might ever happen.

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