Dustin Poirier responds to Colby Covington releasing a video of The Diamond beating up an ‘amateur’


Dustin Poirier and Colby Covington have been going at it for a while

A couple of weeks ago, number one ranked UFC welterweight Colby Covington put MMA interviewers on high alert after sharing a video of UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier beating up an amateur with no fighting experience, ahead of his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2019.

Sharing the video to interviewers like Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie and Helen Yee, Covington claimed that Poirier wasn’t the ‘good guy everyone thought he was.

More recently, Covington posted the video online on Twitter for the world to see. It was quite surprising to see that the video was nowhere remotely close to the way Covington had described it to be.

Covington also had a message for the fans:

“The guy wearing full nerf gear head to toe to protect his face and his feelings is Poirier. The guy with no headgear, wrestling credentials or brain cells left is “khabib.” @DustinPoirier Good guy? Bad guy? You be the judge.”

Covington had stated that the amateur was defenseless and Poirier landed a knockout blow, before shouting in rage. ‘The Chaos’ had literally blown it up to gargantuan proportions.

Dustin Poirier reacts to Colby Covington’s allegations

Poirier responded to Covington’s video showing him knocking down the amateur fighter. Although he didn’t directly respond to Covington’s post, ‘The Diamond’ quote tweeted a fan’s post of the same.

The number one ranked lightweight clarified that the guy was not an amateur and he was a pro fighter with 20 wins.

Poirier wrote:

“This is a pro fighter with 20 wins.”

Poirier is gearing up for his trilogy fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 264, this weekend. The winner of the fight is expected to face Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title.

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