Dustin Poirier has partially pumped the brakes on the idea of a super-fight against Nate Diaz claiming that the Stockton fighter is delaying the fight

Dustin Poirier, who’s coming off a submission loss to Charles Oliveira at UFC 269 for the 155 lbs. belt had closed the doors on his lightweight career and opened up to the idea of a welterweight jump. He has emphasized on several occasions that the only fight that makes him want to get out of his bed and train, is a fight against the ‘Stockton Slugger’ Nate Diaz.

Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz
Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz

“I want the fight, and he wants it, as well,” Poirier told reporters ahead of UFC 271. “I have no clue (what’s going on). On my side, let’s go. On his side and the UFC’s, they have to get it figured out. But I’m ready to rock.”

Diaz on the other hand has been vocal about the UFC hampering his retirement fight from the sport and not allowing him to fight out his contract. If MMA pundit insights are to be believed, the UFC might be delaying of their own volition.

Dustin Poirier details why the idea of a fight against Nate Diaz looks doubtful

It was during one of his routine fan engagement session on Twitter that Dustin Poirier first spoke about the unlikeliness of the fight materializing.

When suggested by a fan to beat up Nate next, Dustin said that he believes the younger Diaz brother is retired.

Another fan in pursuit of understanding the scenario asked Poirier who he wants to fight next, to which the ‘Diamond’ replied. ” Not sure… i wanted to fight nate this summer but just found out he’s hanging them up. We’ll see what’s exciting in the future”

This tweet has got MMA fans worried, who loved the idea of the fight in the first place.

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