Hip hop star Drake has bet a fortune on Molly McCann and Paddy Pimblett ahead of their fights at UFC London

Drake is an avid MMA follower, and obviously keeps track of some of the biggest fights of the year. Drake has famously supported Conor McGregor at UFC 229, and on various occasions, openly expressing his admiration for the Irish superstar. He is often seen betting big money on fights, also loosing some in the process.

Drake Adesanya

Drake has conjured a reputation of being a bad luck for fighters that he supports or bets on. In the past he had famously bet big bucks on Jorge Masvidal to beat bitter rival Colby Covington, and on Justin Gaethje to dethorne Charles Oliviera as the lightweight champion. While Masvidal’s sting was extracted by the high-pressure chain wrestling of Covington, who breezed past his rival with a unanimous decision victory, Charles Oliveira dismantled Justin Gaethje in an adrenaline fueled one round fight and submitted him.

The famed Drake’s curse came to closing when Israel Adesanya beat Jared Cannonier at UFC 276. The hip-hop star had a bet a million dollars on the Nigerian.

UFC London is a few hours away, and it features two of the biggest superstars from the country, Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann. The teammates stole the show last time around, when Pimblett secured a quick submission victory, and Molly landed a vicious spinning elbow from hell.

Drake posted a story on Instagram stating that he has placed a whopping £1.9million bet on Molly McCann and Paddy Pimblett. He called it the ‘Scousers parlay’.

Paddy Pimblett names Roger Federer and Steven Gerrard as his favorite athletes

MMA reporter Alex Behunin has been running a column called ‘Humanizing fighters’ for quite some time now. In asking fighters about their favorite food, athlete, color etc. fans get to see a side of these fighters that is usually left outside the octagon. A peek into a different shade of their life.

Paddy Pimblett was the latest fighter to make a feature in the column. He named Tennis legend and third highest Grand Slams winner Roger Federer, and Liverpool FC icon Steven Gerrard as his favourite athletes.

Pimblett has a reputation for swelling up in pounds, quickly after his fights owing to his love for junk food. ‘Baddy’ has previously claimed that he’d rather be fat and happy than trimmed and sad. He is often seen out of fight camps completely out of shape.

This has gotten MMA fans, experts, and fighters all worried and talking about the grave effect it has on the body. But cutting weight, and showing up to fight has never been an issue for the UK native fighter. When asked about his favourite food, Pimblett simply said that he loves food too much to name a favourite.

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