Conor McGregor posted an unbelievably insensitive Tweet aimed at his old rival Khabib Nurmagomedov

Conor McGregor suffered a disappointing loss against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, which was also the first instance he had suffered back-to-back losses in his career.

The Irishman has been acting out of his mind occasionally since that loss. He recently took to Twitter and fired a nasty Tweet towards Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Conor McGregor UFC
Conor McGregor (Insider)

In the Tweet (that he later deleted), McGregor wrote, “Covid is good and father is evil?”

The Tweet was in reference to Khabib’s, “Good beats evil,” Tweet following Poirier’s victory at UFC 264. It was also aimed at Khabib’s father who passed away due to COVD-19 last year.

Check out the deleted Tweets of McGregor below:

Daniel Cormier lashes into Conor McGregor

Khabib’s dear friend and former UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier lashed into McGregor for his insensitive Tweets.

Cormier told in the recent episode of DC and RC about how he called Khabib immediately to check if he was ok. The reason? His (Khabib’s) dad meant the world to him. His death was the reason why he retired from the sport.

Khabib and his father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov
Khabib Nurmagomedov and and his late father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov give a press conference in Moscow on November 26, 2018. (Photo by Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP) (Photo credit should read KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

DC also went on to reveal how Khabib explained his happiness when he got to fight McGregor at UFC 229.

Cormier said:

“I get shock value and I get trying to get people to talk but way too far. To the point that I immediately called Khabib last night and said, ‘Hey, are you OK?’ Asking him if he’s OK after having to see that, especially with no ability to do anything about it again. He spoke to my kids at my wrestling program the other day and said he was never happier than when he got to fight McGregor on the day, because for so long, he wanted to get his hands on Conor and beat Conor up.”

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