‘No, Cejudo’s retired’ – Dana White is not too sure about Henry Cejudo’s return to the UFC


Former UFC double champion Henry Cejudo hasn’t won the approval of UFC President Dana White, who is not too keen on his return plans

Henry Cejudo made the news post UFC 273 when he claimed that Alexander Volkanovski’s performance assured him that he could beat the Aussie, and set the plan for his return. He even declared that he’s re-entering the USADA pool and posted a video of him training with Mike Tyson.

Dana White
Dana White

However, UFC President Dana White wasn’t sold on the prospect of the former Olympic gold medalist’s return. Cejudo had his target set on Alexander Volkanovski and the idea of becoming the first-ever three weight UFC champion. White on the contrary doesn’t sound sold at all, even as the news of Cejudo’s return has excited MMA fans.

White made an appearance on TMZ Sports, and was asked about the return of former double champions, Henry Cejudo and Conor Mcgregor. “Cejudo’s retired. Cejudo’s retired, you know? Cejudo knows what he needs to do to get back in and get—whatever. I mean, just talking shit on Instagram does not get you fights”, White said.

Although Dana White and Henry Cejudo haven’t had any major setbacks in their relation, the latter has complained about White’s impediment towards his plans, and the pair haven’t exactly seen each other eye-to-eye owing to that.

‘Under the watchful eye of Mike Tyson’ Henry Cejudo begins his MMA training

Ahead of UFC 273, Korean Zombie spent most of his camp with Henry Cejudo in preparation for Volkanovski. Although Zombie showed immense heart and courage, he wasn’t given any bandwidth to showcase his improvements by the Aussie. The Aussie’s performance triggered the competitor inside Henry Cejudo.

Henry Cejudo was seen alongside heavyweight boxing legend ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson on his show the Hotboxing podcast on several occasions. The pair even share a boxing trainer together in the name of Rafael Cordeiro. Cordiero has been training Mike recently, even when he fought fellow boxing legend Roy Jones.

Cejudo posted a video of him hitting the mitts with Cordeiro, while Mike Tyson watches with an observant and scrutinizing eye. ‘Triple C’ had mentioned that he wants to leave no stone unturned when he moves up in weight to challenge Alexander Volkanovski.

He posted a video on Twitter with the caption, ‘ Under the watchful eye of Uncle Mike, I can’t miss. #thecountdownbegins⏳’

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