Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr will meet in an exhibition clash but Dana White found the rules of the clash hilarious

Boxing legend Mike Tyson will fight Roy Jones Jr in a keenly anticipated exhibition clash later this month but the rules aren’t all that great.

Tyson is regarded as one of the greatest ever and has even appeared on AEW after retiring from the ring more than a decade ago.

Mike Tyson is now a regular on AEW
Mike Tyson came out to beat up Chris Jericho (AEW/ESPN)

However, Tyson has worked hard to be in great shape and Jones Jr also isn’t looking all that bad, given that his last boxing fight was nearly two years back.

While many would want to see Iron Mike in full flow, the rules of the clash aren’t going to be that great.

This is going to be a pure exhibition and fighters won’t be allowed to knock each other down. The referee can also stop the fight as soon as a cut appears or if it goes beyond the realm of being an exhibition.

White laughs off “fight”

UFC president Dana White isn’t one to pull punches when it comes to rival fight promotions. White was told of the rules from the battle recently and the UFC boss could not stop himself from laughing out loud.

White almost fell off his chair when he heard that there would no knockouts. The UFC president also was in store for a couple of aspects of the fight.

White didn’t know that betting was off for this fight and that no winner would be decided either. The UFC boss certainly learned a thing or two from this upcoming fight but the card does have a few boxing clashes that should see a result.

Mike Tyson has joined AEW
Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho (L) ahead of AEW Double or Nothing (Comic Book)

Tyson should still be a draw even at the age of 54. He made boxing big during his time as the champion and not many can achieve what he did inside that ring.

Fans would tune in just to see what moves Iron Mike has in his arsenal. However, the lack of a result or a proper match might not sit well with many.

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